Sunday, August 15, 2021


Real unions take a stand to protect the health of all of their members. This is from the United Teachers of Los Angeles regarding a vaccine mandate for all Los Angeles Unified School District employees.

The UTLA Board of Directors has voted overwhelmingly to support a vaccine mandate for all LAUSD employees. The UTLA Board had previously voted to not oppose a vaccine mandate. This stronger position comes as the Delta variant continues to surge in our communities and as students and staff prepare for a return to full-time, in-person learning next week.

“I am the parent of an LAUSD fifth-grader, and my family has been going through the same uncertainty and anguish as so many other families as we approach the return to school,” UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said. “Because of the protocols that UTLA educators and LAUSD families fought for and won, LA Unified has among the strictest COVID safety protocols in the country. But this Delta variant is unlike anything we have seen so far in this crisis — especially its impact on children — and we all need to step up to do our part to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

The current surge in COVID cases underscores why UTLA members fought so hard for mask mandates, ventilation, access to vaccines, and other safety measures for our schools. Those safety measures we negotiated include a COVID Task Force at each school, which should be doing a physical walk-through of campuses today, August 13, to note violations of safety protocols so they can be addressed before students return on Monday.

UTLA also calls on the District to actively encourage and facilitate greater access to vaccination for parents, eligible students, and the communities we serve. The District and LA County Department of Health must work together to increase outreach, vaccination clinics, and testing in communities with low vaccination rates and high transmission rates.

However, vaccines are one layer of protection. As staff and students return to school, we urge everyone to remain vigilant about all the layered mitigation strategies — from masking and ventilation to testing and tracing — needed to keep our learning spaces safe.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of CA...Hospitalizations in California are up over 541% the past two months and are at similar levels to last summer’s peak, so it’s good to see the media stay true to form and completely ignore it to focus on their political opposition instead

Anonymous said...

Real unions take a stand to protect the health of all of their members. The first words you wrote here HOW CAN you say this and be so sure you are so right.
The vaccine- which I did get- seems to be doing more good than harm but NOBODY knows if there will be harmful side effects that eventually emerge as has happened many many times before with other drugs and vaccines.

Maybe the unions allowing people to make their own choice IS what will protect their health. I mostly agree with you but not when you are promoting as facts a statement that may or may not eventually be proved to be right or wrong.

James Eterno said...

There is so much evidence of what happens when too many people are not vaccinated and it isn't good. Besides LA, Chicago has mandated vaccines for teachers too now as does the military. We need to vaccinate everyone (unless there is a medical exemption).

James Eterno said...

Follow science, evidence not me.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe in following junk science...where the cdc and pharma ignore and cover up how many thousands died from the vaccibe.the conspiracy theorists predicted this and it appears they are right.durely, cdc had access to the same data but chose to push their agenda, which has nothing to do with covid.even thevinventor ofthe mrna technology warns not to use it. Right to make your own health decisions, esp in consultation with your doc needs to be preseeved.

Anonymous said...

Is LA offering a remote option?

Anonymous said...

Why are so many people ignoring the millions of Americans who already have natural immunity? Take a look at the results from the Cleveland Clinic study.

A new study on the effects of natural infection by the coronavirus suggests that there may be little to no benefit for recovered SARS-CoV-2 patients in receiving vaccines against the coronavirus.

According to the study, conducted in Cleveland, Ohio and published in the MedRxiv journal last month, people who were infected with the coronavirus enjoy significant long-term immunity from the virus, which is unlikely to be increased by being injected with one of the coronavirus vaccinations now on the market.

The study followed 52,238 employees of the Cleveland Clinic Health System, monitoring infections among vaccinated and unvaccinated workers, and the incidents of reinfection among both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers.

Doug said...

Real unions don’t coerce their members into involuntary medical experimentation.

Anonymous said...

@11:57 it's a vaccine, get a grip.

Anonymous said...

DOUG, you hit the nail on the head, sbrief and to the a nutshell, that is the crux of the messagecwe need to send to Randi Rotten shmandi.