Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Leave it to Michael Mulgrew to at least figure out when he made a completely unforced error. In yesterday's statement, the UFT President claimed: "Our first priority is keeping our kids safe and the schools opened." He neglected to mention UFT members who pay dues and his salary. Well in the latest email, (see below), he has added the UFT members. It took him a while but at least he figured out who he is supposed to represent and included the members. That's progress, everyone.

Dear ______,

On Aug. 23, the mayor announced that the city is mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all DOE employees as part of a public health intervention. Employees must have proof of the first shot of the vaccine by Sept. 27. This announcement is the first of several announcements we believe are to come about city employees being mandated for the vaccine.

With the Delta variant continuing to spread and Pfizer just announcing the full FDA approval of its vaccine, the city believes that those eligible for the vaccine must do their part to help keep our children safe. 

As a union, our first priority has been keeping our kids and members safe and the schools open. New York City public school educators have led the way on this issue, with the great majority already vaccinated. We estimate that close to 80 percent of our membership is already vaccinated, so we know that as a union we have already done our part to help the city to beat this virus and protect our schools. 

This decision is not up to the union. However, while the mayor is asserting his legal authority to mandate the vaccine for city employees, by law the details of this mandate must be negotiated with the UFT and other unions, and if necessary resolved by arbitration.

Religious and medical exemptions to vaccine mandates are in place in existing laws, yet we know there are other nuances and details of this mandate that will need to be worked out. Therefore, we have informed the city that we would begin impact bargaining on the issues. We will keep you informed on the details as they become available.


Michael Mulgrew

UFT President


Anonymous said...

Fauci now says that if EVERYONE gets vaccinated, we may get back to normal in fall 2022.

Then, Fauci denies meaningful differences between the types of masks.

N95 or a cloth mask… WHATEVER! Just put it on your face!

Fauci is The Science.

This literally contradicts science. This is all about control and has nothing to do with slowing the spread of a virus.

Anonymous said...

Once again, to quote Churchill,-When will the lesson be learned.’ —when trying to convince the appeasers —to fight against the Nazis.

This is and has always been a global public health crisis and the idea of ‘American exceptionalism’ does not apply to Covid.
So, enough with the anti-vaxers comments of ‘my body,, my choice’ etc. Where would these same people be today—if it wasn’t for the polio and smallpox vaccines, penicillin, anti-biotics, MMR shots, etc. Perhaps some of these same people are still content with ruining their health with smoking or consuming larger than usual alcoholic beverages, or eating all kinds of fast food crap—all because it’s their right. The only exemptions should be for some medical reason. Perhaps these people are still in denial—and they believe nothing will happen to them or I’ll take my chances.

In the meantime, the Pfizer vaccine has been FDA approved and Moderna by sometime next month. But with still only 51% of the population to be vaccinated with such a surplus of vaccine and boosters to be available in a few weeks—-this continues to be nothings more than an American tragedy—just no excuse.

So once again, when will the lesson be learned. The enemy is the virus and public health mandates help fight the virus.

Anonymous said...


I gather this is not our UFT union since union leaders in other parts of the city actually fight for the rights of ALL not some..
I am not anti vax and people on here need to stop attacking their co workers just because you agree or disagree . Some of you are mean and nasty geeez you call yourself teachers..

I should not be surprised but somehow I am...Why dont you start listening to each other instead of attacking each other.. Model that for your students and the world would be a better place.. If your co workers do not feel they want the vaccine STOP attacking them..they have rights just like you have a right to take the vaccine..one thing we should all agree on is that people should not be threatened with losing their jobs because instead they would agree to get tested weekly....Just because you get a vaccine does not mean you are 100% in the clear...everyone should get tested until the pandemic is over ..vaccinated or not...that is my take ...like it or not..but you dont have to call me a moron a fascist a right winger a trump supporter( btw your man biden aint doing to well either)...you know nothing about anyone here...just try respecting each other for a start

Anonymous said...

Watching the mayors press conference right now. He is bragging that the NYS court officers will now have to be vaccinated OR HAVE WEEKLY TESTING. This proves yet again that the UFT is a gutless entity.

Anonymous said...

So just 9 months ago Biden & the Democrats were saying they would NOT take the vaccine & didn’t trust it... what changed? & why are they now forcing people who have the same reservation THEY were allowed to have 9 months ago, to take it?

Doug said...

Notice how this raw data contrasts so glaringly with the unhinged fear mongering exhibited by the herd mentality. We have about 1 million students in DOE schools. So if we opened right now, the data shows that perhaps 20 kids might be hospitalized. Am I missing something here?


As there is no regularly updated, comprehensive data on child Covid-19 cases available, it’s unclear whether the rise in hospitalizations is occuring nationwide. The last report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in early June, found hospitalization rates among children peaked at 2.1 per 100,000 in January. Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics (which acknowledges it is missing data from some states) reports the number of hospitalizations has remained steady throughout the pandemic, with children accounting for between 1.3% and 3.5% of hospitalizations, depending on the state. Overall, the risk of death and hospitalization among children who contract Covid-19 remains low. Just over 520 children have died from Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic (0.08% of the U.S.’s 612,000 total deaths) and only around 0.01% recorded cases result in death. However, the CDC highlights it is still possible for children to suffer from severe disease as it “occurs in all age groups.”


Hospitalization and death from Covid-19 remains “uncommon” among children, the pediatrics group highlighted, with between 0.00% and 0.03% of all infections ending in death in the states that reported virus-related deaths by age.

Anonymous said...

@1050am. Well said. Testing for all if fine by me. No mandates, no passports.

Anonymous said...

And nothing on NYPD and FDNY. Gutless uft, as usual. Why surprised? And i was vaccinated already, to be clear. It is the principle. But of course this posting by James mentions Mulgrew didn't even bother to mention the people who pay him. Again, no surprise. Gutless members plus gutless president equal the last 20 years of teaching.

Anonymous said...

Well, now what?
BREAKING: Pfizer CEO says that a vaccine-resistant strain likely to emerge.

Anonymous said...

Science? Approval?


Anonymous said...

@10:41 "If your co workers do not feel they want the vaccine STOP attacking them' Say what?

Do you think respect should only go one way? Plenty of attacks are coming from those who want everyone to support their opposition to mandates. NOT happening. And no, we don't all have to agree that people should not be threatened with losing their jobs. I don't like for people to lose their jobs at all but people have options and don't expect people who support mandates to fight your battles. Plenty of insults have flowed both ways, with those who support vaccines and mandates called Nazis, fascist, communist, leftists but how convenient for you to focus only on those coming from people who support mandates. Tsk, tsk. Very biased post.

Anonymous said...


65 Court Street Service Center
The health and safety of all of our employees and partners is our first priority. To keep everyone safe as the COVID-19/coronavirus situation continues to develop, the 65 Court Street HR Connect Service Center remains closed to walk-ins for the time being. We ask all visitors to 65 Court Street to contact our offices virtually (Open external link)so that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible.

Anonymous said...

1041... good advice about being more polite. However, we don't all agree that a choice to not vaccinate is a personal matter. COVID would be over already had everyone vaxxed. So your choice is not just personal. It hurts others.

Anonymous said...

Nearly 2,000 LA students, staff test positive for COVID-19 https://trib.al/akVglZx

Anonymous said...

12:03 we've been warned many times that was likely to happen if we didn't vaccinate (or at least those who are currently eligible).

Anonymous said...

@10:50 - you mean like this?

"Anonymous Doug said...
Notice how this raw data contrasts so glaringly with the unhinged fear mongering exhibited by the herd mentality."

Anonymous said...

There are many, many fully vaccinated people who have contracted Covid-19. My 26 year old, fully vaccinated, hospital worker niece has just contracted the virus. She is very ill. We need to hear more about this.

Anonymous said...

11:02-- please include citations or sources of your claims.
My understanding is Biden, Harris, et.al. were distrustful of a Trump endorsed vaccine and were waiting for the medical community to approve one.
"Americans have had to endure President Trump’s incompetence and dishonesty, when it comes to testing and personal protective equipment. We can’t afford to repeat those fiascos when it comes to a vaccine. … Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump, and at this moment, the American people can’t either." Biden September 2020.


James Eterno said...

If the vaccines did not work at all, we would be like India a few months ago. We are not.



What We Know about How Well COVID-19 Vaccines Are Working
COVID-19 vaccination reduces the risk of COVID-19 and its potentially severe complications. All COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized for use in the United States helped protect people against COVID-19, including severe illness, in clinical trial settings. So far, studies that have looked at how COVID-19 vaccines work in real-world conditions (vaccine effectiveness studies) have shown that these vaccines are working well.

Most vaccine effectiveness data now available are related to mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) because these vaccines have been available longer. CDC and other experts continue to study the effectiveness of both mRNA vaccines and the Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen (J&J/Janssen) COVID-19 vaccine in real-world conditions.

So Far, Research on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness in Real-World Conditions Is Reassuring
Vaccine effectiveness studies provide a growing body of evidence that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines offer similar protection in real-world conditions as they have in clinical trial settings, reducing the risk of COVID-19, including severe illness, among people who are fully vaccinated by 90 percent or more. Most vaccine effectiveness data now available are related to mRNA vaccines. Data related to the J&J/Janssen vaccine will be shared when available.

In addition to providing protection against COVID-19, there is increasing evidence that COVID-19 vaccines also provide protection against COVID-19 infections without symptoms (asymptomatic infections). COVID-19 vaccination can reduce the spread of disease overall, helping protect people around you.

James Eterno said...

We are fighting for the public health, the community. You are fighting for what we view as an extremist view of individual freedom. Can we argue on that level and cut out anonymous name calling which takes no courage at all.

James Eterno said...

Best to your daughter for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thinking like an American is now “an extremist view on freedom” to people like James. Take Deblasio’s stick. Take it all and thank him for it. I’ll be busy stealing all his carrots, betas.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to recording of Debozio. I finally found a positive to all nycdoe teachers and staff to be vaccinated.

When the shit hits the fan which it absolutely will in elementary schools there will be no one else to blame but the dip stick mayor and chancellor! The virus will spread among the elementary students and their family members and no one can blame the teachers who all be vaccinated.

Also, as Deblozio mentioned they children go to their home countries return right before school starts and they will bring the corona back with them!

Dum Dum Deblasio! Watch this shit will blow up!

Anon2323 said...

Fauci is not credible he is the dark web of bullshit. If Trump was in office, the media and Dems would be telling you not to take this vaccine. If the vaccine was so safe, you would not need a mask, people would not be getting covid, people would not be dying, and thousands of reports of adverse effects would not be happening.

If the PCR test only tested for covid how do you know that people did not die from the flu?

The kids are safe!!! That is a BS front to the politics that has been going on from the start with Diblasio and Cuomo. All the scared liberal bullies in here who want to push this are sick in the head. We went from free choice to this is your mandated choice do it or what else and blows my mind that this is not the nazi crap you perpetuate and project on trump which is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. The vaccine wasn't approved until yesterday. Biden has been saying to take it for months. Before the election, he didn't trust it. After the election, he trusted it. By the way, many things have been approved which were very dangerous. Is Afghanistan a fiasco? How about inflation? Crime? The border. Biden is to be trusted?

Anonymous said...

@2:48 - what is "thinking like an American". Since when are vaccinations un-American.

"In hindsight, Operation Warp Speed wasn't the best name," says Oshinsky. "It sounds like the project prioritized speed over everything else. They did roll it out quickly, but the FDA and CDC have done an amazing job of testing the vaccines and ensuring their safety and efficacy."

"The years-long campaign of information and donations to the polio eradication effort made anxious Americans feel they were invested in a solution, Stewart says. So confident was the public in the research leading up to the polio vaccine that by the time the Salk vaccine was ready for experimental testing in 1954, the parents of 600,000 children volunteered their own offspring as research subjects.

When the results of those studies showed the vaccine to be safe and effective in 1955, church bells rang. Loudspeakers in stores, offices and factories blared the news. People crowded around radios. "There was jubilation," says Stewart. People couldn't wait to sign their kids up for a shot"

"Then tragedy struck. One of the six labs manufacturing the vaccine, Cutter Laboratories in Berkeley, Calif., made a terrible mistake. The correct list of ingredients for the Salk vaccine called for polio virus that had been inactivated, but in the Cutter facility, the process of killing the virus proved defective. As a result, batches of the company's vaccine went out that mistakenly contained active polio virus. Of the 200,000 children who received the defective vaccine, 40,000 got polio from it; 200 were left with varying degrees of paralysis, and 10 died."

"In 1955, mothers and fathers jumped right back in following the Cutter tragedy, once again signing permission slips and lining their kids up to get their polio shot. It was widely understood and accepted that the risks of polio were a much greater threat than the risks of the vaccine."

Anonymous said...

CNN: NYC announces Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all public school employees, with no testing opt out

By Artemis Moshtaghian and Eric Levenson, CNN

Updated 4:30 PM ET, Mon August 23, 2021

Anonymous said...

Vaccination against COVID-19 will be required for all school personnel, she said. Those who do not wish to be immunized will have the option to undergo weekly testing for the virus, and the state will make tests more widely available in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

As with any new drugs there needs to be massive testing and research.

The long term effects of this drug are unknown.

Those who want to take it can. There are others who have real concerns.

No mandates but weekly testing option would be preferred for DOE.

Stop the hysteria and be logical!

Anonymous said...

11:02-- Democrats were only saying to not take medical advice from President Inject Bleach.

Educat said...

DeBlahsio is an idiot in all respects, except when it comes to the game of politics. He knows that the vast majority of New York City teachers are female and that they score much higher on the neuroticism scale.(anxiety, fear,etc)
So he mandates the vaccine for New York City teachers knowing there will be very little resistance.
How does that make you feel ladies? Your boss considers you a weak, fragile snowflake. And Michael Mulgrew agrees.

And by the way the neuroticism scale can be found on the governments NCBI website which is under the NIH umbrella.

Doug said...

I’ve been going through the primary sources. Some interesting observations.


If you scroll down starting on page 5, you will see a list of 13 different studies that Pfizer still must conclude according to the FDA. Many of these required studies involve examining adverse reactions such as myocarditis and pericarditis. Many of these studies will not conclude until years from now.

You can examine this document for yourself.

If there are still 13 FDA required studies for this product, can we admit this is experimental and that coerced medical experimentation via mandates violates the Nuremberg Code?

James, I genuinely defer to your legal expertise here. Where does the Nuremberg Code fit in to all of this? Is it merely irrelevant because the FDA technically approved Pfizer’s product, thus it’s no longer technically experimental?

If so, I concede on legal grounds but not on ethical or moral grounds. Particularly in light of the active suppression of dissenting scientists, doctors, and existing generic therapeutics. I’ve often asked why are the vexed afraid of the unvexed. Here’s a couple of related questions: Why must leaky “vaccines” be the only way out of this? Why ignore and censor other treatments as well as natural immunity from prior infection? There are hosts of doctors and organizations around the world trying other methods and finding some success.

Don’t worry, I won’t link to them. I promise to follow the rules here. As I’ve said before, I appreciate your work and this blog despite our vehement disagreements regarding mandates and Zero COVID strategy.

Anonymous said...

So now psychotic sexism attacks on women are allowed on this blog. Take a look at any protest and many on those frontlines are WOMEN. The only protest men get involved in are fake macho bullshit, d*ck waving contests that don't accomplish anything but pushing and shoving while they scream about seeds and paint.

Anonymous said...

Educat can't fight his own battles and is so afraid of standing up to DeBlasio that he's trying to bait women into fighting the battle for him.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the mayor is an idiot,
but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that vaccines are being mandated so less people die, not due to his chauvinistic capitalization of psychological research from 2007.

Anonymous said...

Why cant didunce follow example of PA??

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio is forcing vaccines on teachers because he knows that the city would not have enough subs to cover unvaccinated teachers in quarantine. This is not about safety, it is about his ego and ensuring that the nations largest babysitting service will be up and running to keep the economy going.

Anonymous said...

A misogynist in our midst @ 6:33

James Eterno said...

USA Today on the 5 COVID vaccine myths:

1. The vaccines aren't safe because they were developed quickly
This is missing context. Scientists zeroed in on coronaviruses' spike proteins 20 years ago when looking for a potential vaccine for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). COVID-19 vaccine research was expedited by updated technology, as well as the decision to launch commercial-scale production before the Food and Drug Administration authorized vaccines for emergency use.

2. Thousands of people have died from the vaccines
This is false. Deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS), a database maintained by federal public health agencies, have not been verified. Anyone – from doctors and nurses to parents and patients – can submit suspected vaccine side effects to VAERS. This wide access has led to made-up entries, and federal experts who look into the reports have not found any proof of widespread deaths or serious side effects caused by the vaccines.

3. The vaccines are experimental and weren't tested thoroughly
This is false. All three coronavirus vaccines authorized for emergency use in the USA underwent clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people. The vaccines have also been subject to peer-reviewed studies. All that research has found the vaccines are safe and effective at preventing severe COVID-19 cases.

4. Natural immunity is always stronger than the vaccines
This is partly false. Natural immunity does tend to last longer than immunity acquired from vaccination, but it depends on the pathogen. The tetanus vaccine, for example, provides stronger immunity than the disease itself. Research indicates the COVID-19 vaccines provide more consistent and safer protection than getting sick.

5. The vaccines aren't safe for pregnant women
This is missing context. Clinical trials for the coronavirus vaccines did not include pregnant women, but their exclusion was not atypical. Preliminary research conducted since the trials has found no safety problems associated with pregnant women receiving the vaccines, though experts say more study is needed. Since the coronavirus vaccines do not contain live virus, they are not thought to pose a risk to a growing fetus. It has been recommended that pregnant women get vaccinated against COVID-19, as they are more at risk for severe illness.

6. The vaccines change your DNA
This is false. The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines use messenger RNA (mRNA) technology that teaches the body how to create coronavirus spike proteins, eliciting an immune response. Because synthetic mRNA code is not the same as the DNA found in human cells, it cannot be combined to alter someone's genes. The mRNA breaks down shortly after vaccination and doesn't stay in the body.

James Eterno said...

This is also responding to Doug,

1359 deaths today and 631,000 total in the US. Those therapies some talk about clearly do not work too well or they would spread like Delta to cure COVID.

James Eterno said...

On the Nuremberg Codes, You folks have gone way overboard here.

USA Today:
Our rating: False
The claim that "forced" vaccines are against the Nuremberg Code is FALSE, based on our research. The Nuremberg Code addresses human experimentation, not vaccines approved for emergency use. Americans who get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not part of an experiment. The vaccines have been tested in clinical trials and found to be safe and effective.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that the vaccine is being mandated is all about the mighty dollar. If “they” cared about lives, they would not suppress/deny the use of medications to fight CoVid.

Right now, the few people that I know that have Covid, are fully vaccinated. What the heck is going on?

Doug said...

In response to the US Today piece,

1. The long-term effects on humans are still unknown despite the FDA’s blessing. For that reason alone, a mandate forces unwanted medical treatment on millions of people. Many people view the FDA as a victim of regulatory capture.

2. VAERS is a not a perfect system but it is not to be dismissed. Similar numbers of deaths and adverse reactions have been reported in the EU’s monitoring system as well. There might be a few falsified reports but what’s more likely is that deaths and adverse reactions are being under reported and/or suppressed. The VAERS system is supposedly experiencing a backlog of entries now.

3. As I’ve shown, the studies are still occurring. Some until 2027. Notice your source says “All that research has found the vaccines are safe and effective at preventing severe COVID-19 cases.” It’s missing context. The vast majority of people under 50 have little to no risk for severe cases. That is corroborated by the Economist link regarding mortality and hospitalizations rate.

4. See the Cleveland Clinic study that had more participants than Pfizer’s trials.

5 and 6. I don’t have enough info to counter those. I think the USA Today is correct about #6. As to pregnant women, I know corporate media did cover the menstruation issues for thousands of women. I would expect pregnant women would want to avoid a new symptom retardant product unless they were somehow at high risk of COVID.

James, those therapies have largely been used in countries that can’t wait for vaccines. Those therapies have been ridiculed in the corporate media and doctors have faced censorship and interference from corporate pharmacies. If a doctor prescribes any of those therapies off label, pharmacies have been blocking them. I’m not saying they are panaceas, but rather they should be at least more throughly explored in the US and not suppressed. I would encourage you to explore these therapies in sources beyond corporate media.

Can you admit that perhaps “vaccine” manufacturers might not want competition? Like most industries here, Big Pharma is a cartel. Especially with billions at stake here.

I figured that’s the legal argument regarding the Nuremberg Codes.

Unknown said...

The companies admitbits an experiment.we arr the experiment and the study since this new

Anonymous said...

That noted socialist Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, makes sense on the radio.

"Everyone has a right to make their own decisions regarding their health and their body. I believe in that completely, until your decision as to yourself impacts negatively many others. Then, the common good takes over," the Dallas Cowboys owner said on his weekly appearance on Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan. "And I’m arm-waving here, but that has everything to do with the way I look at our team, the Cowboys, or the way I look at our society. We have got to check ‘I’ at the door and go forward with ‘we.’ Your Dallas Cowboys are doing that.”

Anonymous said...

Another known socialist favors a vaccine mandate.

NYPD commissioner backs mandatory COVID vaccines for department: ‘We’re well past that time’
AUG 24, 2021 AT 4:58 PM

NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea implores his officers to get a COVID vaccination — before it’s too late.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said Tuesday he was “100%” behind a COVID vaccination mandate for NYPD employees, more than half of whom remain uninoculated against the deadly virus. D

“I think we’re well past that time. I think all across this country people should be embracing these vaccines,” Shea said on NY1 when asked if he would support a vaccination mandate for his employees like the one just issued for all city public school staffers. “We lost three members last week, two of them to COVID, and I think it’s all unnecessary.”

Anonymous said...

We are starting a new group, conservatives for sanity.

Anonymous said...

Mandatory vaccination for military.

Anonymous said...

Teachers and school staff should be vaccinated. Antivaxxers spreading COVID in schools to children should be sued. Hard stop.

Anonymous said...

We, as in the reality based Americans, knew this was going to happen. Last year schools were closed for a reason. The reason still exists.

Anonymous said...

NYC schools reminders:

▪️ mandating staff vax so late means unvaccinated staff in schools through October.

▪️”improving ventilation” only applies to a few schools

▪️”air purifiers in every classroom” means non-HEPA, unvetted purifiers that tested below other models


waitingforsupport said...

Yesssss @10:43 am. It's about time. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

UFT just mandated all staff to be vaxxed in an internal memo. No details, just said UFT would follow same process as DoE.

Anonymous said...

Call someone a sexist, then bash all men. That makes you a sexist. I’m a woman. Teachers in general, male and female are weak. It’s why we’re treated like shit and get played by our own union.

Anonymous said...

@5:06 - I'm sorry. I didn't realize what he wrote applied to you:

"so he mandates the vaccine for New York City teachers knowing there will be very little resistance.
How does that make you feel ladies? Your boss considers you a weak, fragile snowflake"

That's very pathetic to claim that you're weak and get treated like shit and get played, but OK. I guess Educat was right where you're concerned.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe 5:06 is really Educat. I'd bet on that.

Anonymous said...

You’d lose 346. You can call me Kool Kat. Debate ideas, not people.

Anonymous said...

I'll just call you 4:57. So then you posted this? "teachers in general, male and female are weak. It’s why we’re treated like shit and get played by our own union."

That's your idea of debating an idea? No dear, that's an opinion, and a pretty pathetic one at that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 722. The idea is displaying weakness results in being treated like shit.

Anonymous said...

It is still an OPINION that "teachers in general are weak". Get it yet? If not, maybe someone else can explain it to you. I'm through with you. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

Yes that’s an opinion. Opinions get shared here. Are you new to this blog?

Anonymous said...

Of course you can share your opinion. You responded to me, remember? You had your undies in a bunch and were emphatic as if you were stating a fact. I merely responded back that your opinion that women are weak, get dragged, and are treated like shit, is pathetic. That was my opinion. I thought only the original poster would try and back that up and here you still are saying, well, nothing at all. LOL