Sunday, January 24, 2021


Unions can still be bold. Our lives are on the line in the pandemic. We fully endorse the Chicago Teachers Union rank and file voting to stay remote.Their full statement is below.

This is the key part in my opinion:

This is an unprecedented fight, but it’s a winnable fight if we stay united. Remember, we are not negotiating class size, benefits or staffing; we are bargaining for minimal risk of COVID-19 infection, and minimal risk of death.

We will continue to work remote so we can keep ourselves, our families and our school communities safe. If we are locked out by the mayor and CPS, then the choice to strike is theirs, not ours.

Why didn't teachers in NYC ever get a vote on staying remote? Chicago Public Schools responded to the vote by pushing the report day back to Wednesday for teachers. They were scheduled to return tomorrow.

This is the full statement from the Chicago Teachers Union:

Chicago Teachers Union members have voted to authorize all rank-and-file educators in Chicago Public Schools to conduct remote work only, starting tomorrow, Jan. 25, 2021.

With 86 percent voter participation, 71 percent of voting members have spoken in favor of continued remote work tomorrow, the first day the Board of Education requires educators in kindergarten through eighth grade to appear in person. Students do not return until Feb. 1, 2021.

So what does this mean? It means the overwhelming majority of you have chosen safety. CPS did everything possible to divide us by instilling fear through threats of retaliation, but you still chose unity, solidarity and to collectively act as one.

The results of this vote show our collective power. Organizing works, and whatever we do, we must do together.

Tomorrow, we choose to work safely and remotely — together.


Bargaining continues today, where your action is producing some progress. We learned last week that only 19 percent of students eligible to return to in-person instruction on Jan. 11 have returned.

Nineteen percent.

CPS wants to present to parents that in-person learning right now — before vaccination and with high community spread of COVID-19 — can look like it did before the pandemic. The district is demanding that 80 percent of educators need to return for less than 20 percent of students.

But the fact of the matter remains this: 19 percent of students have returned. The district doesn’t need anywhere near all of our membership to return to meet that need.

We have made major gains. Our pressure twice delayed opening last fall. CPS has clarified many building-level safety “expectations,” even though enforcement is uneven. The district has also granted more ADA accommodations — despite the flaws in that process — started a surveillance testing program for staff, and indicated it is willing to do the same for students. Without your advocacy, CPS would have never purchased the number of air purifiers that it has so far provided, despite their limited capacity.

CPS, however, refuses to move from its Feb. 1 reopening date for our students, and is staffing schools with the expectation that the entire student population will be returning to classrooms.

We know, however, that this is not the case. Again, only 19 percent of students eligible to return to in-person instruction on Jan. 11 have returned.

The district is so far unwilling to phase in or add capacity over time for in-person staff to get vaccinated, but it is our belief that vaccinations must be connected to staffing. More individuals receiving more COVID-19 vaccinations means more individuals who are comfortable about returning to classrooms. CPS is also still denying household accommodations, insisting that educators return to buildings even if that member has someone in their household whose underlying health condition puts them at risk of death if the member contracts COVID-19 and infects a loved one.

Finally, CPS refuses to adopt the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention metric for core indicators, which is 3-5 percent. But we need hard points to hit for opening schools, closing schools and staying safe, especially as our city reopens and President Biden says the COVID-19 pandemic will get worse before it gets better.

What’s next?

This is an unprecedented fight, but it’s a winnable fight if we stay united. Remember, we are not negotiating class size, benefits or staffing; we are bargaining for minimal risk of COVID-19 infection, and minimal risk of death.

We will continue to work remote so we can keep ourselves, our families and our school communities safe. If we are locked out by the mayor and CPS, then the choice to strike is theirs, not ours.

Remember, our fight is about a pandemic and making assurances for safety, and you have voted overwhelmingly in support of safety. There’s no doubt we all want to return to in-person instruction. The issue is CPS’ current unpreparedness for a return to in-person instruction, and the clear and present danger that poses to the health of our families and school communities.

The core of our fight remains the need for rules to maintain health and safety, committees to enforce those rules, voluntary staff return, testing for students and staff, and an agreed-upon health metric to go into effect should COVID-19 cases and positivity start to increase.

Please watch your email for more details and guidance for tomorrow, and information on our collective action this week while we continue to fight for a safe reopening plan. There has been some progress at the bargaining table since the State legislature voted to restore our bargaining rights, but our success in this moment hinges on our unity and our ability to take strong collective action to support our fight for a truly safe path — for everyone — back into our school buildings.


Anonymous said...

Oh shit. I think I missed our vote.

Anonymous said...

We can go back to work after we get paid for last spring break.

Anonymous said...

Did Chicago work for free on spring break?

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t we get to vote? Because we don’t have a union and we don’t have a viable rank and file. We didn’t vote on changes to the current contract either, Mulgrew just put it through like any dictator would. He physically represents everything that he accused Trump of. We just pay dues And keep praying for some respect and representation. Hey, I don’t blame thinking folks for dropping out. Mulgrew is a glorified and highly paid money collector.

Anonymous said...

I never got to do implicit Bias last year.

Have not heard anything this year, is it still mandatory?

Joe said...

James says we does have a union. You all should know since you pay $62 per check for it. Why complain?

Anonymous said...

Biden has put an end to this corona virus Thankfully. If only he had been in office sooner.

Oh No wait there's a new version now. Must be the Trump version that's peaking.

Imagine NPR get public funding.

Anonymous said...


Today's #COVID19 indicators:

• 4,561 new cases
• 273 new hospitalizations
• 8.82% positivity rate (7-day avg.)

This Sunday stick with what works:
Wear a mask.
Keep six feet apart.
Avoid large gatherings.
If you feel sick, stay home.

Anonymous said...

10:38 Paul Forbes is leads the training.He is leaving for unspecified reasons...btw, I am White and I did not find the training offensive.i thought it was respectful and at times, thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

im confused about schools.

Didn't they say that "stay-at-home orders," shutting down businesses and "mask mandates" will change the trajectory of this pandemic?

Biden: “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Should I opt out of the UFT? It looks like there is no focus on getting us the Spring Break money. I worked for the DOE for free for an entire week. If I pot out, I can get my pay back over the course of an entire year.

Anonymous said...

Schools are safe..

The day Joe Biden was sworn in, America had the single highest one-day death total

2 days later—Washington DC decided to re-open indoor dining

3 days later—Chicago decided to re-open indoor dining

Democrats killed thousands of small businesses and it was never about the virus.

Anonymous said...

First US case of Brazilian COVID-19 mutation found in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

re: 6:08
Nice of conspiracy theorist Charlie Kirk to stop by and tweet.

Anonymous said...

Which is untrue about 608?

Shelley said...

The Newspaper of Record ran five articles and one editorial calling for schools to be opened and scapegoating teachers for preventing schools from opening and serving students. The new President, endorsed by the paper is also pushing to open schools. He is also proposing an end to the tax deduction many teachers have come to depend on to fund their retirements; he wants to end tax deduction for 401k contributions, so our TDA (a 403b) and our DCP (437) would no longer be tax deductible. Instead, claiming that it's better for the working classes and will reduce the tax benefits to the rich, he proposes a tax credit. Orin Hatch tried to pass this kind of legislation before he retired. Looks like Biden is looking to make deals with the Republicans and we may be the pawns in the exchange.

What else is new?

But get out there and support those Democrats, so much better than the evil Republicans, at least when they are running for office.

Will Sanders and Warren sign on to the Biden plan?

I'm sure he will have 100% support from the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Biden said herd immunity by summer. Lol. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical Xenophobia?
Or should school be closed?

Marc said...


Randi tweets about 100 times a day how bad Trump is and how great Biden is doing, even saying how he is already creating jobs while he is actually doing the opposite. No uft fact check. And the sheep follow.

Anonymous said...

Biden and Trump could say the identical thing and the people here will hear 2 different things and praise Biden. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Didn't tell 1 lie

Wake up sheep

Anonymous said...

Keep paying those dues!!!! Sheep.

Anonymous said...

So are teachers now respected? Are we getting paid our fair share? How about free work over spring break? I didn't think so. But you promised.

Anonymous said...

A growing number of Americans are becoming desperate to eliminate teacher unions. Many parents are not looking for a quality education they just need daycare and some help with raising their kids.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

/ Another post-vaccine miscarriage - hours after the second dose in a 32-year-old woman.

VAERS 930196

"The second dose on 1/7/2021 at 1115 am. She began having abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding at 315 on 1/8/2021 progressing to a previable (22w2d) preterm birth at 739pm."

Anonymous said...

Vaccine blood clots

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The benefits of getting abused, working for free over spring break, having elections that unity cant lose, waiting 12 years with no interest for retro, going into an infected schools with the windows open while being 20 degrees, having a completely corrupt and fraud grading system and graduation rate, I could go on and on, etc...For $1600, you can have those benefits.

Anonymous said...

Better to be the wolf who eats the sheep and the pig. Keep paying if you want. This little piggy going to market with $1600 per year extra in my piggy pocket. None of your name calling changes that fact or my mind.

Anonymous said...

You notice how they call names instead of actually showing evidence of why the union is good? We have repeatedly showed how we've been screwed by Mulgrew. LOL. All you have to do is read the constant complaints by people who are still paying. Let me know when I should expect spring break compensation. And then let me know the vote totals for the 2022 election.