Thursday, January 21, 2021


From the Selim Algar in the NY Post:

The city's largest charter school operator has thrown in the towel on classroom learning for the remainder of the academic year due to the coronavirus, officials announced Thursday.

Success Academy — which enrolls roughly 20,000 city kids — will also end the year early in order to move up the resumption of classes next summer.

Like everyone else, we desperately want to be back on campus, but we are prioritizing a consistent, productive learning experience by staying remote now,” said founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz. “By opening early, we can take full advantage of the safer summer months to make up for what we believe will be some degree of learning loss, while also giving teachers and families a break.”

The vast majority of Success Academy schools are co-located with traditional public schools and are thus tethered to Department of Education  dictation on building availability.

The vast majority of Success Academy schools are co-located with traditional public schools and are thus tethered to Department of Education  dictation on building availability.

The network opted to unhitch itself from the agency’s policy vacillations related to in-person learning before the school year and has been on a fully remote schedule the entire time.

“Increasing building closures and reopenings, often on short notice, and the disruption that would pose for families, was the primary factor leading to SA’s decision,” officials said in a statement.

The network’s 47 schools will end classes on May 28 and resume operation on August 2, Moskowitz said.

Why is there no pressure from the mayor or the generally pro-charter press for Eva to open up her schools in the middle of a pandemic?


Anonymous said...

Elem and d75 are not closed.we are Guinea pigs.asshole that he is.

Anonymous said...

Why would he proclaim not to open in Sept wo vaccinations?as I stated above. D75 and elementary forced in wo vaccine.he is all fluff, more games beginning.just posturing.if they test, they will ope.they wanna open till all of us are dead and buried.

TeachNY said...

Are you freaking kidding me???? We could be closed in September too? Let’s just make sure someone who started middle school in6th grade literally had NO in-person education his/her entire middle school career. Same with high school. I know it’s important and a priority to keep elem schools open, but at this point it’s ridiculous and completely inequitable.

Anonymous said...

Teach NY, it seems that you really don’t care about the fact that we expect to lose at least another hundred thousand lives in the next month. Those kids you agonize over could lose their lives and infect their family members. You truly area sociopath . If their ‘careers’ are more important than their lives then there is something very wrong with your ability to reason. Ultimately, when it comes to their education it’s pretty meaningless when compared with their lives. Most of what we “teach” is crap that has no use or application in their lives. So just shut up.

Anonymous said...

TeachNY is an internet troll. His attention seeking comments are intended to trigger responses
of outrage. TeachNY's comments tend to be sociopathic.

Anonymous said...

How long are we going to stay locked in our homes?

3 million people die a year in the US. Tens of thousands die from car accidents. Should we stop driving too?

If we were to outlaw everything that increases death, there'd be nothing left worth living for. People die. They always have. That's the way the world works.

I recently finished cancer treatment and am at-risk of severe COVID, but I've decided to stop letting fear of the virus from living my life. That includes going back to work in person.

Kids need to interact with each other. In person.

Data shows there are steps we can take to increase risk of death from COVID. There's lots of data that vitamin D greatly reduces risk of severe disease, though studies show that most people need significantly more than recommended doses of supplements in order to bring vit D levels to sufficient levels. Zinc with quercetin has been showed to help too. If you want to see the data yourself let me know and I can point to some of the studies.

Leaving my home increases my risk of death, but I refuse to sit at home scared of the world forever.

Anonymous said...

Ten day shut down, returned on Tuesday... One class closed today... One of the off sites is closed for 10 days... District 75 in the BX. My life is hell. This place isn't safe. It's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fauci just said we are beginning to return to normal. What happened this week?

The DC mayor just allowed indoor dining to start again. What happened this week?

Many retail stores are now reopening in DC. What happened this week?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fauci again sounded liberated on Jan. 26, 2020, when he dismissed the seriousness of COVID:

“The American people should not be worried or frightened by this. It’s a very, very low risk to the United States.”

Dr. Fauci sounded liberated on Jan. 21, 2020, when he dismissed the seriousness of COVID:

“This is not a major threat for the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”

Anonymous said...

Well done, uft and doe.

Today's #COVID19 indicators:

• 3,484 new cases
• 253 new hospitalizations
• 9.03% positivity rate (7-day avg.)

Don't let your guard down this weekend. Look out for each other and keep yourself and your community safe.

Anonymous said...

Fauci said, "Obviously, you need to take it seriously and do the kind of things the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the Department of Homeland Security is doing. But this is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about."’s something we, as public health officials, need to take very seriously."

Emphasis on "Right now" since this refers to the 1st case diagnosed in the US
Your man, TRUMP with his herd-immunity mentality is why we are where we are.

But fake news, right?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn’t think Fauci and other democrats weren’t playing politics at the expense of truth and science is a fucking moron. Anyone who doesn’t think this virus should be taken seriously is also a fucking moron. Those who can and want to work remotely should be allowed to do so. Those who want to go to work or open their business should be free to do so. 9:12 made his choice. I made my choice to spend Christmas alone. I’m a bit of a loner so not a huge sacrifice. It’s what free people do. We make choices. I knew I was being conned by Fauci and Birx when I saw them and octogenarians Pelosi and Feinstein violate their own COVID rules. But I also knew I had health issues and probably wouldn’t be one of the many to rest for a week and get better. I respect 9:12. I pray he stays healthy. I’m making different choices but certainly not because of advice from bureaucrats with science and medical degrees. But because of basic science I don’t need a doctor to help me understand. I do poorly with respiratory viruses. A novel virus in my respiratory system could get real serious real fast. So I make my choices accordingly. Government lockdowns to hurt or help a political candidate is fascism at work. Our mainstream and social media is no better than Pravda. Anyone who still doesn’t recognize that we are being lied to on a regular has been hoodwinked, bamboozled, made a fool.

Not ready to Die said...

Hey 9:12
Do you think we should drink bleach and bathe in a bright light like that orange clown recommended?

Covid is dangerous. Get over yourself. Why would you go through cancer treatment and then risk your life going into an infected building ?

Anonymous said...

Well, yes.

Anonymous said...

More than 4,300 people died of covid yesterday under Joe Biden’s administration. There have been left wing riots in Portland/Seattle every day since he’s been in power. This is the worst administration in American history. And the Press Secretary ignored it.

Anonymous said...

2:01 it’s 1:50. I’ll add to my list. Anyone who takes medical advice from the President of the United States is a fucking moron. And you just told a guy recovering from cancer who doesn’t want to live his life in fear to get over himself. Yup media hysteria got their grip on you. Just like they want you. Fearful. Hateful toward those who disagree. Oh btw Trump never said to drink bleach. Like I said bamboozled.

Anonymous said...

False comparison Not ready to die, there's no benefit from drinking bleach. I've decided that the benefits of living my life are worth the risk.

I understand that COVID is real. But based on all the data I can find, my chance of dying from the chemo I was on were greater than my chances of dying from COVID, even with my comorbidities. Yet I risked chemo so that I could continue living my life. Similarly I'll take my chances with COVID, because the alternative is living in fear, and that's not a life I want to live.

And to 1:50, I think that MSM is even worse than Pravda. My parents grew up in Soviet Russia, and they all knew not to blindly trust what they read. But today, the majority of the country blindly absorbs and parrots everything they hear.

The virus is real, but it's not the death sentence were are told it is. Even those at highest risk (over 85 w/ multiple comorbidities) are more likely to survive it than not.

If someone wants to stay home, that's their choice. If I don't want to, I should be free to accept that risk.

Anonymous said...

Or...Had the WHO not taken China at their word, COVID-19 would never have spiraled so deeply out of control.

The WHO is beholden to China and American taxpayers should not be sending them nearly a half a billion dollars each year.

Anonymous said...

No comment about dem leaders opening the economy directly around inauguration?

Anonymous said...

CDC just gave the word to change the vaccine rules: it’s now okay to get the 2nd shot 42 days instead of 28 days after 1st shot. That’s interesting—because —is this based on research/data or because there is a shortage of vaccine.
Cuomo and DeBlasio ( with the passive Mulgrew) —also changed the rules with that 5% city infection rate for closing buildings and go full remote —hasn’t happened with elementary. And it’s just a matter of time- till the Covid 19 variant strain encompasses entire region,

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, Trump is personally responsible but Biden can just toss his hands up and say, “nothing we can do”

President Biden urges Congress to pass more COVID relief:

“There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

Anonymous said...

I never thought I wanted to work at Success Academy until right now. Maybe I can transfer there for the rest of the year and work at home so I don't have to go into my current elementary school in Harlem.

Anonymous said...

His entire campaign was that he had the plan to end the pandemic.

Democrats did everything they could to damage the economy--from ineffective shutdowns to Pelosi holding up coronavirus stimulus funding--because they wanted to get Trump out of office.

Haven’t we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months?

James Eterno said...

This is about Success Academy, not Biden. That said, Biden released a 21 page plan on fighting the pandemic. If the federal government takes a more active role and gets vaccines distributed faster and the pandemic is brought under control, Biden will be wildly popular. If not, Democrats will lose midterms badly. Trump crashed the economy with his half assed reaction to the virus.

Now can we get back to the posting on Success Academy being remote all year?

Anonymous said...

You and mulgrew and caranza crashed the students lives by giving them fake grades. Still waiting for one of you to stand up and do something.

Anonymous said...

The WH is setting a goal for vaccinations we are already on the way to achieving, and portraying the virus in as dire terms as possible. Virus already on the down trend. Then when things improve, Voila! The wonders of the Biden administration. Clever, but not honest.

James Eterno said...

Have you seen what is occurring in the UK? This is not an easy solution.

Anonymous said...


Can you admit it is super weird that the left is now like let's open restaurants and schools when we might now be at the worst part of COVID?? What happened to all the catchphrases??? Flatten the curve?? This is all bonkers, Biden wants to open schools within 100 days??

Anonymous said...

This week, I had my CoVid vaccine date postponed because NY supposedly ran out of vaccines. I do not blame Trump or Biden. I blame DeBlasio and Cuomo for their incompetence and poor roll out of the vaccine distribution.

A friend of mine teaches an elementary class at one of the Success schools. She is miserable. She is expected to teach all day, which is fine with me. Then after teaching all day, she is expected to call the home of every one of her students. Perhaps I misunderstood but if this is true, this is crazy and in reality impossible.

I spend about 10 hours a day in front of my computer teaching, giving extra help after school hours (not per-session), attending PDs and school meetings, grading, and lesson planning. If I worked at Success, it would be 24 hours!

Anonymous said...

Success Academy can go all remote successfully because they hold their students and parents accountable. The nyc doe does not hold students or parents accountable. In fact the more irresponsible you are as a parent or student the better you are treated by nyc. It’s a sick dysfunctional system that will continue to be a sick dysfunctional system. Pass the kids, collect your pay and benefits and call it a day. It’s what DeBlasio, Carranza and all the administrators want you to do. I’m not seeing a bunch of nyc residents protesting in the streets over their dysfunctional school system so I will not care more than they do. Their kids. Their school system. Their mayor. Their chancellor. Their problem to fix.

Anonymous said...

Yes 756. grades are due soon. Good luck with standards.

TJL said...

At James' request, just EVA:

The mayor and press are in her pocket. DC has the Swamp, NYC has the Jungle. The politicians and press are all part of a crooked symbiotic relationship.

The taxpayers are being ripped off. SA getting paid with public money while not providing service.

How long is it till Eva introduces a new product Success Academy @ Home? She can offshore all the jobs and still milk the public cash cow.

Anonymous said...

7:11: Why are you calling all of your students at off hours? People can argue with me all they want, but it is not the teacher's job to get kids to attend class. That is the parents' and school's administrations' job. Teachers have enough work to do than to track down where kids are. I know administrators put it on their teachers, so they can blame them.

oren said...

LOL. I get blamed for not reaching out enough too. I'm email my AP about grades on Monday. Grades due next week. 95% failing. They want no shows passed. I'm going to offer to bring the chancellor and the NY Post into the conversation. I bet that changes his tune. Maybe it is because students have no work ethic and are used to handouts. A kid has zero attendance, fails the assignments and learned nothing...But it is enought to pass.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a unique situation with remote learning but if it's at all helpful, whenever I was failing a kid and my principal gave me a hard time, I would say to the principal--
"I am putting in a failing grade. If you want to go into the system to change it, that's your choice, but I'm not doing it."
He never did.

Anonymous said...

What about when it stops someone from graduating?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your question.
I'm the kind of teacher that goes a million miles for my students.
I try to work with them the way I want my own kids teachers to be.
I have since the beginning of my career and continue to do so a few years from retirement.
Constant support, efforts before/during/after school, parental contact, etc. for the whole year. I'm not looking for praise just trying to put things in context. If the student makes consistent choices to fail all year, by the end of the year, I have no problem with being the only teacher in rare cases to hold a kid over. I think that teaches someone a more valuable lesson than anything on my academic curriculum. If it's borderline, yeah, I'm not heartless, but if there's no effort at all, the child forces me to fail him/her. A system that now just passes everyone because they are afraid of litigation is disgusting and far more damaging in the long run. Sorry to hijack the topic of this thread but the concept came up. Regards to all.

Anonymous said...

11:18: Teaches don't stop a kid from graduating. He/She is stopping him/heself. You must be an administrator.

waitingforsupport said...

@9:33 am: I agree with you.
@ 11:18pm: The student failed himself. If more educators behaves like 9:33 am, their teaching lives would be easier AND students will learn that they must work hard to earn a passing grade.

Anonymous said...

11:18: This commenter is one of the many clueless administrators who think they know what is best for kids when they are actually clueless to what's best for kids.

Anonymous said...

933 Exhaust yourself fighting the system and stressing grades if you want. My bosses, the most progressive Chancellor and mayor nyc has ever had and my progressive AP pay me to babysit and pass kids so that’s what I do. That’s what they hired me do and they pay me well to follow their directives.