Saturday, January 09, 2021


UFT Solidarity continues doing the work the UFT is pretty much ignoring such as exposing conditions in school buildings. The media has noticed. Solidarity needs your help exposing what is actually occurring in schools.

Reopening Safely Checklist

As per the UFT, schools need to have adequate PPE and a "passing score" on their building inspection in order for staff to be able to arrive to school on September 8 for Faculty Professional Development. Let's hold all schools accountable TOGETHER. Please complete the form for your school.

Remember without having all PPE items listed by the UFT, schools cannot open to staff on September 8. DO NOT enter your school building until you receive the thumbs up from your CL that things are safe to do so.

Before you fill out this form please call the UFT PPE Hotline. Anyone can do this. 212-701-9677

You can remain 100% anonymous. 

We will be sharing the results with the UFT Borough Safety Representatives and the media to give members a safe space to report issues in their school without fear of retaliation. 

Click here for the link to the Google Form.


Anonymous said...

I’ve dealt with plenty of petty bureaucrats in my life, but I’ve never had this sense of coordinated oppression that I have now. It motivates me more than anything else and brings to mind the quote, “beware the fury of the patient man.”

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew and his Unity cult are M.I.A.
Mulgrew and his Unity cult have game rogue.
Mulgrew is truant and his Unity cult are truants.