Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 From our correspondent:


 Ational-craziness, Georgia elections-big win, thanks to Tom (Murphy) and retiree chapter, AFT and UFTworked together for big deal, other craziness we dont know how it will play out for us.

Biden has been clear, he wants stimulus, schools open, and get vaccines out.

It is still politics, just because there are 50 dems doesnt mean we get everything, but should be easier to get school funding, state, city, more coming our way.

We dont know where this craziness will go. We have lost clout internationally.

Here in city, we are still dealing with high covid rates, we had a bump in percentages, but rates still crazy low, like .2 in schools but were still closing schools under emergency provisions, governor said mayor cant change that.

190 schools closed today, positive tests over weekend, so Monday is always worst day, schools closed this morning, keeps our schools safe, keeps our people closed.

1B opened up for vaccines, we fought, Cuomo realized 1A needed to be done, but vaccines were being wasted, so now we create pressure on system, we were working with providers were just making sure our people get it. Many healthcare groups running out already. Until Biden gets in, we are going to run out. Biden will release reserves and use defense act to ramp us production.

Only way out through pandemic is if 70% take vaccine, if not couple of years or more.

We have lots of teachers asking for it to be mandated while others screaming you can't make us take it.

We cant mandate it, we're not mandating, state may mandate at some time, but it will come from the state not us. 

1b is 4 million people, we dont have enough vaccines.

Emails going out, we matched 6,000 members already. Itwill be one vaccine or the other, I recommend you take whichever one is available (Moderna or Pfizer).

We're the only union that has its own process, but there is scarcity of vaccines. City has had problems getting it out We dont know why, it boggles the mind.

We prioritized in person elementary, then middle and high in person members will be prioritized then to all our members

We negotiated 2 hours release time, now we have to deal with supts and p's reinterpreting. Try to show 3 days notice, if it is during work day, then show proof. We are not collecting data of who received vaccine. No database tracking who got it. 2 hours release time if during school day.

If you have adverse reaction, this will be low, very low percentage, you have 10 days of paid covid leave for symptoms, won't come out of CAR (bank) additional 2 days if you have fever. If you have amnything more serious, you will get paid additional time, depending on symptoms 2 or 8 additional days on top of 10. This was negotiated through MLC.

if state rate hits 9 percent mayor wont close schools, we will have to go to war.

If state says we're up to 9 percent it's up to mayor to close, always higher on Monday; we'll see where rates will be going, doctors say leave schools open because school rates are low

We still have politics, city elections, primaries coming in June, City council endorsements are coming, we have volunteers in all city districts.

City Council will be important because of deficit, want to avoid layoffs.

Starting in February, we will have mayoral panels; we'll do our process building our education platform, want to do these platforms, interview candidates, zooms open to membership with all candidates. 

We'll come up with list of final panelists.

We have other races, DA race in manhattan is important, very powerful, next DA will take over all the Trump stuff.

Educational policies and financial stuff is important.

Nayor made some plans for post covid, we're fine with what he has laid out, we just need financing.

Special ed and legal people at DOE are not interested in ICT compliance, when we prove it's out of compliance they dont care

 New chancellor for board of regents-Lester Young, we have a good relationship with him.

We also heard evaluation with MOSL and observations is still being negotiated.


Anonymous said...

NO OBSERVATIONS! Mulgrew must not agree to that.

Anonymous said...

Observations should only be required for untenured teachers. Many admins are working remotely and will not even be able to do observations for the in person teachers who are teaching kids in their classrooms. (In person teachers should not be required to do a live observation via Zoom if they are in the building with actual students.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, if he's doing such a great job why are so many complaining? I'm not reporting to a school just to pass no shows. I can do that from my bedroom.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey won’t require tests to graduate or rate teachers on student growth as pandemic rages


Anonymous said...

The gravy train is over 7/1/21. Enjoy the ride until then.

Anonymous said...

Your dues at work..

tell me how PS 48 Manhattan was told at 8:51pm we were OPEN. Teachers and students arrived. Then at 8:21am we were informed via remind text message that our school was NOT cleared for the day.

Anonymous said...

What are you afraid of? Maybe of being found incompetent? or worse not working at all?

Not ready to Die said...

What’s 7/1/21 ?
What are you Nostradamus?

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles students required to get COVID-19 vaccine before returning to school
By Edmund DeMarche , Fox NewsJanuary 12, 2021 | 11:32am | Updated


Anonymous said...

We expect the uft to keep us safe? Make a vaccination plan? Get us paid for last spring break? We can't even have regular clocks in schools because 18 year old students can't read them. We are worried about grade fraud?

Anonymous said...

Observations? Am I incompetent? Is Carranza? De Blasio? The students? Mulgrew? Who cares about observations? I thought they were negotiating the spring break pay immediately. The school year is half over.

Anonymous said...

Teachers jobs are only safe until 7/1/21.

Just an endangered CL said...

December's DA included a motion for the UFT to be resolute against any evaluation system this year.

It was filibustered by Mulgrew, naturally. Instead of allowing the DA to vote against an unfair evaluation system, it was more important that motions supporting transgender, Latin American Educators, and to add motions for the next DA were all heard out fully (no offense meant here to those issues).

In addition the link to that motion (in LeRoy's email) has been removed and magically just points to the UFT website - meanwhile links for past motions directed to the agenda by members are still valid (I checked the Nov. 18 link - it's there).

Tonight's DA agenda does not mention that filibustered motion to vote against any evaluation system - it is as if it never existed at all.

Instead Agenda Item #1 endorses 21 politicians (whom already won) - guess we'll be bankrolling them.

Item #2: Honoring the work of UFT members - that's nice - do we really need to spend time on this during a Delegate assembly?

Now Item #3 is very interesting: Resolution calling for the administration of the NYSESLAT exam. Why is that interesting? The December DA assembly had a motion to be against administering this exam (Nov. & Dec)... Another 180. I guess we need this test for our Mulgrew approved evaluation system...

Item #4 - reimburse remote teachers for excessive caseloads. This may sound great - but it circumvents the fact that the UFT should end excessive caseloads instead of allowing it.

Item #5 - Resolution for UFT Commemoration of Worlds AIDS day.

You know what is important MUFT?
Allowing us to discuss & vote on important issues that affect all teachers such as the August MoA (never voted upon); the evaluation system for 2020-2021; 1%, 3% or 9%; 100% testing before we step foot into the buildings or 20% "random" testing where students can opt-out; using non-invasive testing for students which excludes asymptomatic infection vs. the same procedure used for staff; a full list will break the internet at this point.

No representation - our voices are squashed. Time to end MUFT.

Just an Endangered CL said...

And while I am ranting.
World AIDS day was Dec. 1... so it is so important that this item is on the agenda in January...

BTW: Delegate Assemblies consist of Mulgrew fillibustering for the majority of the time about how great he is and how he's "Fighting for us" (somehow doing this on his knees), then there's a 30 minute question period where selected questions are allowed by UNITY with lots of praise for what a great job Mulgrew is doing. After that they allow just a portion of the BS motions presented to actually be discussed. Then all other motions just get pushed to the next DA preventing meaningful motions to be discussed and voted upon - like the evaluation system.

It is a complete waste of time and removes all power from the DA to effect any kind of meaningful discussions or change.

No Representation.

---Hey Mulgrew - how about allowing grievances again? No? You'd rather have an evaluation system... yeah, that's fair.

-- Sorry James for the ranting: I woke up in a good mood - then read the agenda for tonight's DA... Maybe the POST should have a story about real teachers being pissed at the UFT, instead of 1 teacher annoyed about vaccinations and assuming every other teacher feels the same way.

Anonymous said...

The Danielson observation is all about control, manipulation and retribution.
It is designed and weaponized for the control of teachers.

Teachers are viewed as an threat by superintendents and their bureaucrats at "central".

They perceive their teachers as a threat to their authority. They are haunted by their inner awareness that they are charlatans and gamers working the system from behind concealed curtains.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Teachers Refused To Return To In-Person Teaching. Chicago Now Says They Will Not Be Paid.

"Late last week, CTU issued a new series of demands, telling Chicago Public Schools that “no teacher should be required to teach in person until all school employees have had the opportunity to get vaccinated, or until the city’s positivity rate falls to 3 percent and its rate of new cases falls below 400 per day,” according to The New York Times, and informed CPS that teachers would not show up to work on Monday if their demands were not met.

Chicago Public Schools, backed by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, issued their own warning: teachers who did not show up for work Monday would be “deemed absent without leave and will not be eligible for pay.”

On Monday, 18% of Chicago Public Schools employees did not show up for work, and Tuesday morning, WBEZ Chicago reports, CPS said they plan to make good on their threat — and, in addition, beginning Tuesday, those same teachers will be locked out of their virtual classrooms. CPS’s implication is clear: either they teach in person or they don’t teach at all."

Anonymous said...

Very little layoffs if any but with major financial givebacks is my prediction. Mulgrew wants to keep a high number of dues payers but doesn’t care if school days or years are lengthened or if we pay more for medical or if we pay any other way. As long as he keeps the dues rolling in, he’s cool with whatever else they do.

Anonymous said...

LA Schools Chief: Kids Must Get Coronavirus Vaccine to Return

Pfizer, CDC probing death of Florida doctor who took COVID-19 vaccine

Coincidence? Maybe.

CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) lists 10 deaths related to COVID-19 vaccine

Yes, let's mandate an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine

Anonymous said...

9:04, I hear there are chips in those vaccines, maybe doc was too close to the microwave!

Seriously, there are thousands dying a day and 1, yes 1 possible interaction is a big deal.

Like free of plane crashes when crossing the street and riding in a car is more risky.

Anonymous said...

Why is talking about cuts to education if they just recieved a boat load of money from stimulus specifically just for education and the next bill again will give money just for education? If you're receiving money from. The federal govt, why would you need cuts? Doesn't make much sense unless it's just a scare tactic.

nerd said...

Why isn't that resolution on observations that was on December 2020 agenda and not voted on , not on this month's agenda? It should have carried over right? Instead the agenda is clogged up with World AIDS say stuff etc.


Anonymous said...

9:22 Yes, the chances of severe vaccine reactions are low.

I believe that at-risk individuals should take the vaccine to protect themselves, and that healthy young people should decide on their own.

However, FORCING all people take an emergency-use (meaning not yet fully approved) vaccine to me is scary.

NYS bill would mandate vaccine


The bill doesn't require any specific proof for a person to be declared a health risk. I don't know about you, but I am hesitant to give dictator Cuomo this power with little to no oversight.

Moose said...

Hey Carranza,

I am subbing a 3rd grade class today. I just went over the work, detailed lesson, prepped practice problems for the actual work. I assigned the pages the Classroom Teacher left and 1 student did the work out of 10.

Your policies ALLOW for these children not to be reprimanded by anyone including me. You let it happen that these "students" can move on without consequences. You have taken the power away from teachers for the sake of "woke, social justice rhetoric". I realized while getting passionate to have the children have a work ethic that it didn't matter. I have NO power now. Why should I be motivated to inspire when the students have NO reason to be inspired to progress? So I will wait until the 135 Bell. I will go about my day.

This is all a plan to get Teachers to leave a profession that we were passionate for. To leave and NOT get pensions because we "have it to good". You are a disgrace and so is DeBlasio.

Sorry James. I had to rant somewhere and wanted a recent post to do it on.

Moose Out. Joe has it right. Golf guy has it right. I miss your posts gentlemen!

Anonymous said...


I wonder why

Anonymous said...

Whatever the city says, the doe has plenty money to burn. They keep coming up with these ridiculous programs, can provide top laptops to kids which they don't expect to be returned and they still have the non-sense ATR pool, so when the city says we need to give givebacks, don't believe it. I wouldn't entertain that idea until they stop wasting money.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese variant is troubling - its resistant to vaccines. This virus is definitely man made. I’ve heard many say that this virus could not have been made in a lab. We have a lab very similar to the one in Wuhan China. It’s located on Plum island, isolated from our population. The Chinese are not even that considerate even with their own people. I read a report from a Nobel prize winning scientist, Professor Luc Montagnier, that concurs with common sense - this was developed in a lab. Now if a virus popped up on Plum Island how likely would it be that it didn’t come from our lab? How likely is it that this virus didn’t come from the Wuhan lab? Ocham's razor, or law of parsimony is the problem-solving principle that "entities should not be multiplied without necessity", or more simply, the simplest explanation is usually the right one. I hope the Chinese did not purposely release this virus, but it most assuredly came from their lab. We are so weak to the Chinese now and Plum for picking.

Joe said...

Joe here,

Hi Moose and everyone,

It is just a waste of time. Why bother typing things on here? Everyone has clearly give up. Months ago, James said how there were all the complaints in the first week of classes and all of a sudden they died down. You think everything was solved? Read all the complaints. People just got tired of wasting their time. They know nothing will change. Now there will be another unfair observation system. Inflation is rising fast. Still no negotiation about spring break pay from a full year ago. Virus raging. Schools open on a whim. The grade fraud complaints are never ending. Now they are closing the gifted programs, at least somewhat. No-shows can pass. No work can pass. Teachers love going along with this and then blaming their colleagues for not passing those no-shows. At some point, you just have to accept the loss and move on. Why should I try and give effort? They have openly said we can't base anything on merit or attendance or tests.

I can see the future. Noting improves. Mulgrew wins 2022 by a landslide. Contracts are awful. Givebacks are plentiful. Uft tells you what a great job they did and how good of a deal you got. Students continue to get a free ride.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joe is right.



Anonymous said...

Where is the uft?

Woke up sick today. Thinking, again, about increased school covid numbers and closures, kids with masks off for an hour+ a day, our classroom windows open a few inches for ventilation, how covid spreads, and NYC not having any closure threshold at all.

Two NYC residents have highly contagious UK COVID-19 mutation https://trib.al/5v4mgJE

Anonymous said...

"The two cases were diagnosed in late December, and were only confirmed via genetic testing to be caused by the variant Wednesday, Dr. Dave Chokshi, the city’s health commissioner, said at the press conference, raising the likelihood that the variant is already spreading widely through the city. "

But schools open?

Anonymous said...

As stated...Don't worry, the uft is fighting for you, as you go to the hospital and they work from home.

Today’s #COVID19 indicators:

• 279 new hospitalizations
• 4,855 new cases
• 8.39% positivity rate (7-day avg.)

This is our LAST big battle against COVID-19.
We need to be tough and see our way through.

Anonymous said...

We need to walk out, but I said that in August.


Anonymous said...

Remember, uft is in bed with this guy.

Open the schools!

Mayor Bill de Blasio
We have 12 new cases of COVID-19 with the new variant from the UK in our state. Two of those cases are here in New York City.

There should be an IMMEDIATE travel ban from the UK to the US. We have to STOP the spread of this new strain across our city and country.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm paranoid, but if they had mandated masks, maybe there wud be no need for vaccine mandates.i think they want the spread to scare us into taking a dangerous vaccine with sinister ramifications.microchipc, mind control, illness, dumping us...nor sure.But remember the govt lsd experiments on mind control.remember Tuskeegee.hpv vaccine can hijack system to cause cancer and infertility later.maybe they want uprising g so they can have martial law.this world is crazy right now.hard to separate fact from fiction.very scary.maybe I will move away from wicked cuomo and retire, idk.very stressful to think of these bizarre things...but hey, the foster care system is a market for child sex slavery and there is medical kidnapping if you refuse chemo for your child.i did not make it up.do your ha and never trust anyone in govt!
Btw. What does The M stand for in MUFT?
I got my accommidation.be safe everyone.pray for Chicago tchrs...the litmus test.

Anonymous said...

WA teacher's union president says reopening schools is an example of "white supremacy," concern over a child's mental health or suicide risk is "white privilege," and push to reopen schools is like rioters pushing to enter the U.S. Capitol.

READ: https://mynorthwest.com/2452577/rantz-union-head-says-opening-schools-is-white-supremacy-suicide-concern-white-privilege/

Anon2323 said...

If Dibalsio and Mulgrew are not gone in 2 years and we do not mobilize and show strength in numbers, it will be over for us all in the city. I am assuming sept 2021 will have a remote option, can't imagine it would be more than 1/3 of the students at home.

This goes back last year with this scum Charles Lieber

Everyone should see this video on vaccine before taking it, not saying not to get it, just informing

Anonymous said...

Mayor will be gone simply because his term will be over. Mulgrew will easily win reelection. Because we are stupid. Our safety is irrelevant.

"Do I think we’re going to be able to do big things during this school year, bring back a lot of students? I absolutely do,” the mayor said. “I’m really encouraged, but I need that supply of vaccine, and I need people to want to get vaccinated.”

Anonymous said...

11:¹⁵, done believe everything you see on the web...


Anonymous said...

I am just venting, nothing of importance to read here. Just a teachers thoughts that don't actually matter. I've had many jobs before I became a teacher. Teaching used to be wonderful. I used to be such a happy, care free, loving person! Teaching is now a nightmare. Someone is always pointing a finger and it's not getting any better. I have so much anxiety and I am a tenured teacher. There are so many hoops to jump through and even when you say "how high" you still can't win or earn a 4... because you can always improve, because it's never good enough. It's rigged, and 4's are only for teachers almost ready to retire because now that they are leaving, I guess we can give them a 4 (not that we are getting official observations right now but that is my example.) The rules and expectations are constantly changing... with the CFU's, I can statements, think pair share, flipping the classroom, or more group work, etc. Once you have that down they throw something else at you. And you are always reminded of what you did wrong and what you did right - is just expected! I feel like I'm in a horrible tornado and I'm just blowing through the lessons to reach the end the day. And I try so hard and it's never good enough, which of course makes you not want to try so hard anymore. ....Not to mention the jealousy and such blatant disgusting behaviors from other staff/teachers! Teachers or paras are tattling on others and are constantly comparing and complaining! We are supposed to work together. I almost rather work by myself which is not how teaching is supposed to be. There's a way to handle things rather than to get another teacher in trouble, which I've seen happen way too many times. Oh! ...and the parents run the show! Not saying they can't be right at times, but the teacher is always wrong. It's always your fault...and I'm only the expert and have a degree and went to school and I do a million things, but ya know. And yes the reward of teaching is your kids are learning and we do it for the kids. I do this job because I once loved teaching and yes to also earn a paycheck doing a job I loved that didn't use to feel like "work." The last few years it has felt like "work" and all the enjoyment is gone. There is no teamwork or school spirit or fun! The morale in the education world has dwindled so much. I'm not even talking about covid and all of that hot mess... but the way teachers are even viewed and treated today. The way teachers treat other teachers. I don't see things getting any better and I'm trying hard just to get through things, but I've seen many unhappy posts and know I'm not the only one. It saddens me to think that leaving teaching may be something I have to do. I worked so hard for my degree and I've heard find another teaching job, change schools, but it's honestly happening everywhere.

Anonymous said...

As has become custom, Asian city kids handily outpaced their peers in terms of graduation rates.

They earned diplomas at a clip of 89.5 percent in 2020, compared to 83.8 percent for whites, 75.9 percent for African-Americans, and 74.1 percent for Hispanics.

Statewide, graduation rates went up from 83.4 to 84.8 percent last year.

Anonymous said...

What we should do is discourage young people from becoming teachers and when there is a critical shortage of teachers, then the bureaucrats will realize all their wrong, but these young people are suckers and think teaching is a good career.

Anonymous said...

2:26 I agree about other teachers that’s why when we were in schools I stayed in my room at lunch there, got to know the students better, some of them came to my room for lunch (door always open), and once I stopped talking or listening to other teachers I became much happier. I disagree with you though that teaching is designed to be cooperative. That’s what the libs want you to think. They want you to sit in a circle and share your feelings. If you are a professional you should be able to teach with no ones help. And I do except for when I am forced to “cooperate” with my colleagues by my AP.

Anonymous said...

John Sullivan

Am I understanding this correctly? One of the rioters at the Capitol was actually a Black Lives Matter activist who previously was promoted on CNN by Anderson Cooper?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bill de Blasio
We saw a record-high graduation rate during a global pandemic. That's a testament to
NYCSchools' unwavering commitment to every child — but it's an even greater testament to the best students, teachers and school staff in the country.

Thanks. Can we get the retro from 12 years ago and the money owed to us from last spring break?

And those grades are all fraud.

Anonymous said...

Yes 6:54 you heard correctly. BLM member promoted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper was arrested for rioting at the mostly peaceful Capitol protest. The arrestee is John Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

Florida is leading the way in vaccinating seniors, becoming the first state in the nation to vaccinate more than 500,000 individuals age 65+. We will continue to build on this progress and put Florida’s #SeniorsFirst.