Monday, January 11, 2021


There is something you can count on with the government of New York City, particularly if it involves the New York City Department of Education and the UFT: Anything they do will be a mess.

Michael Mulgrew and Richard Carranza sent out emails saying priority for COVID-19 vaccines will go to those who work in person in schools. However, thanks to leads from UFT Solidarity and South Bronx School, we have been informed that any education worker can go directly to the New York City Health and Hospitals website and make an appointment for a vaccine.  

Try this link yourself.

Mulgrew said in his email:

UFT members working in the schools right now will receive priority in our matching process, but we plan to move quickly to match all UFT members who wish to receive the vaccine with a provider. Our goal is to ensure that no vaccine is left sitting on the shelf.

South Bronx School says:

But according to what I was told "if you are 1B  (see list below) you won't be turned away."

This is what it says on the HHC site:


The following groups are eligible to seek vaccination in accordance with the New York State (NYS) Department of Health prioritization plan:

  • Workers in ambulatory care settings not affiliated with a hospital, including primary care, behavioral health, phlebotomy, physical and occupational therapy, specialty clinics, and dialysis centers
    • Includes all workers with direct contact with patients in ambulatory settings, including licensed health care workers, receptionists, and environmental staff
  • Funeral workers with direct contact with infectious materials and bodily fluids
  • Healthcare workers at COVID-testing sites
  • Public health workers with direct patient care responsibilities
  • Home care workers and aides, hospice workers, personal care aides, and consumer-directed personal care workers
  • Teachers and education workers
  • First responders
  • Public safety workers
  • Public transit workers
  • People ages 75 and older

Please note that it does not differentiate between teachers working at home with an accommodation and those working in school buildings. South Bronx School thinks those who have medical conditions should receive vaccines first. 

The city, the DOE, and UFT knew this vaccine was coming soon as early as last summer and this is the best they could do for getting people vaccinated. It is hard to believe that a Tweet from Solidarity sends people to make their own appointments to get vaccinated and all the UFT has is to fill out a survey and wait.


Just an endangered CL said...

More lies:

Students will receive a non-invasive test (swab only front of nose).

Students who have signed consent forms and allowed into the schools can refuse to be tested if they are "randomly" selected.

Non-invasive tests do not determinate asymptomatic infections. Therefore students, who tend to be asymptomatic carriers of the illness are completely cleared to be in our buildings infecting other students and staff.

Our Mayor hand-in-hand with our UFT (MUFT?) want to further skew the data to support their lies that schools are safe and are not hot-sites for COVID.

If we had a union and not a MUFT, they would have stuck to their guns on day 1 with 100% testing before stepping foot into the buildings - as their medical expects stated....

What guns have they stuck with?
None. They just keep backtracking and bending over. 3% 9% City/State method...
Blood is on their hands. Every parent, grandparent, staff member that are killed b/c of the asymptomatic spread is b/c of MUFT.

As for the vaccine:
Are those who get it guaranteed to receive the 2nd dose?!?

Anonymous said...

I’m not getting the vaccine and I’m not teaching in person in schools. The vaccine isn’t a cure, no more than a flu shot will save you from the flu. The variants are almost a 100 times more catchy and there’s one just out that is very troubling that they seem to be intentionally not reporting on. This was made to mutate and be vaccine resistant. The country has to go into a hard six week lockdown with no travel or this won’t end. That jackass Trump clone Boris is doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Right on again James, "Why Fill OUT Mulgrew's Survey?", Mulgrew is a superfluous expense to most members.

Anonymous said...

Stop the steal!uft waa stolen by mulgrew! We used to have a union that I was proud of.this is not the just of 30 years ago.why cant www get him out?I guess cuz who would administer the vote?obviously uft wont have a vote to oust him.

Just an Endangered CL said...

Mulgrew/MUFT "For the past several weeks, we have been working closely with our health care partners to create a distribution network just for you."

Is anyone reading this as UFT is flipping the bill?

Can't wait until MUFT "negotiates" dropping us down to 5% on our TDAs and flaunts it as saving thousands of jobs while still having a % much higher than any bank.


Anonymous said...

Please dont even put that in the universe...

Anonymous said...

According to my principal 3 “people” tested positive, the building will be closed today for deep cleaning but we’re going to be open tomorrow. I’m assuming the 3 people must be students, but it’s still very vague, I thought the rule was if there were 2 or more positive cases the building will be closed for 2 weeks. I’m confused. Did something change?

Anonymous said...

The uft doesnt care. Is it not obvious?

Anonymous said...

Why pay dues? You all seem so happy.

Anonymous said...

We pay dues because we need a union. We need a better union leader. But even with a better union leader, everyone in the union will not be happy simultaneously.

Does that answer your question? Does it? ? ? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

No, because nothing will ever change. I can prove my point.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll wait. In the meanwhile, you've already proven my point.

Not ready to Die said...

I just checked the UFT web site. There is no link sign up for the vaccine. The union should up date info in real-time.
Glad James runs this blog .

Anonymous said...

1221 and 135. So when shall I expect to see this change?

Anonymous said...

You should tell the guy who collects dues that this is unsafe and ask why members are forced to go in.

BREAKING—A new #SARSCoV2 variant (aka B.1.1.248) identified by Japan Flag of Japan in Airplanepax from Brazil Flag of Brazil. This new one has both the more infectious N501Y mutation (not affect vaccine), as well as the disruptive E484K mutation that escapes neutralizing antibodies.Thread

Anonymous said...

And this...

Anonymous said...

Is this why we need a union?

Positivity rates for ages (week ending 1.2):
0-4 - 10.74%
5-12 - 12.29%
13-17 - 13.38%

5-12 yr olds biggest Upwards arrow.

Most NYCers do not realize how many kids are getting C-19 & they have no awareness of these rising rates.