Wednesday, April 28, 2021


The UFT is feeling the pressure from retirees on possible changes to retiree healthcare that the UFT is negotiating as part of the Municipal Labor Committee with the city. Michael Mulgrew will do a town hall for retirees on Tuesday. I wonder if the UFT will try to screen out tough questions as they do with active members at town hall/DAs.

The email:


Anonymous said...

" end to price-gouging by New York-Presbyterian Hospital" In NYC you get what you pay for. The top doctors in the world, not only NYC are associated with NYP. This is who you want access to when your local doc can't figure out what's wrong with you. If you've ever gone to a "specialist" in the boros, they don't hold a candle to care you get at the top NYC hospitals. The only hope we have is that the other unions have more concern for their retirees than Mulgrew has for any UFT member. I hope he burns in hell.

Anonymous said...


Do not let Mulgrew cheat you out of your hard earned medical benefits.
Mulgrew is not being honest with you.

R Gold said...

You are so right. NY Presbyterian helped my daughter when no other Dr could. Shame they want to take this away from us

Jonathan Halabi said...

"As we are sure many of you are aware, there are ongoing negotiations taking place related to retiree healthcare."

Amazing gall. We are aware despite the attempts to keep it from us.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that CSA held a forthcoming zoom earlier this week, with an open chat so anyone could ask a question, and I hear that the recording of the zoom will be available to their members As we see the UFT cannot do right by their members. Actions of the past few weeks, including shutting down anyone asking questions should make it apparent that they know they’re giving us shi...

James, why else would they hold a “conference call”, if not to control who asks a question and the question that is asked? Mulgrew doesn’t want any open questioning.

Wondering if all those full time UFT employees who receive a double pension have their own healthcare plan that continues once Medicare eligible?