Monday, April 19, 2021


It was 100-0 at the Executive Board for a Scott Stringer UFT endorsement in the Democratic primary for mayor. No surprise there. The Delegate Assembly vote won't be so high but it should be overwhelmingly in favor of Stringer. As for the UFT rank and file, who knows?

A new poll shows Andrew Yang leading.

From the NY Post:

Andrew Yang has built a sizeable lead in the crowded Democratic primary race to become New York City’s next mayor, according to a new poll released Monday — with more than 1 in 5 likely Democratic voters backing the former presidential candidate.

The survey, conducted by NY1 news and Ipsos, found that 22 percent of likely Democratic primary voters would name Yang their top pick on their primary ballot, 13 percent said that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams would be their first pick, while just 11 percent selected Comptroller Scott Stringer — the only current citywide elected official in the race.

The NY1/Ipsos survey also found some good news for Stringer — he narrowly edged out Adams and Yang as the second choice preference for Democratic primary voters with 14 percent compared to 13 percent for Yang.

DA REPORT (Abridged today)

Mulgrew thanks hundreds for volunteering and over ten thousand involved. 

We had deep relationships with five running in 2013. Nobody was going to hurt us.

Different now. Looking at viability and policies.

Rule to extend debate beyond 5 speakers on endorsement for mayor. (Looking at Robert's Rules. It says on page 261 that a motion to suspend the rules is not debatable on but there are three speakers Mulgrew allows.) Motion to allow more than 5 speakers gets 91% in favor.

Large field down to four. Politics is tough. More money spent on this mayor's race than ever before. We went through what candidates say. Look at education, social justice and how they will rebuild city. What is in the best interest of school system and Union. Want candidate in alignment with us who is viable. 

Last Friday, met with 20 volunteers. Anyone can volunteer. Process transparent. No consensus two months ago but now consensus. We have a longstanding relationship with Scott Stringer. We worked over weekend with consultants. Stringer viable and with us.

Resolution to support Stringer.

Julio Gomez motivated it, a Bronx chapter leader. He was followed by another in favor of Stringer, and then another in favor. The first three were all volunteers who were part of process. A fourth person, this one from the exec bd, supported Stringer.  A fifth person who was a political panelist from Staten Island was next to favor Stringer.

Mulgrew finally asks for a speaker against.  They find one who tries to amend it which she can't do. This person favors Dianne Morales. 

Another speaker speaks out in favor of Stringer. Another exec bd member then says she is for Stringer. A speaker follows to speak against. Mulgrew leaves chair to Barr (he wants to speak) Another speaker speaks for Stringer. Surprise, surprise Mulgrew speaks next. He spoke about five times longer than anyone else and then low and behold the next speaker moved to close debate. 85% voted to close debate. 

The final vote was 90% in favor of endorsing Stringer.


Anonymous said...

Finally a choice that makes sense!!!

Anonymous said...

"We had deep relationships with five running in 2013. Nobody was going to hurt us."

I know some on here don't want to keep discussing spring break 2020 but don't you think the uft president should be more concerned and upfront?

Anonymous said...

Kangaroo court. Is this who you want to pay? Trust them? Wow. No wonder we get stomped on.

UFT informed chapter leaders/delegates of a special Delegate Assembly taking place today, only an hour ago at that meeting (going on now) said the executive board's vote/pick for NYC mayor, and are expecting a vote in the coming minutes/hour, just to say

Shelley said...

I am pleased with the choice though none of us can be satisfied with the process. Decisions like this one are important and we make decisions by thinking, but there is little time for thinking or deliberation let alone discussion or debate. Why not? The result, as James said, is no surprise and while one can say with absolute certainty, had the process been more democratic, the result would have been the same. And it is the best result for us so we should move on and support Stringer.

In the end, we know are we are right before we decide because we decide and then we deduce.

Circumstances and events, not principles are how we decide.

In these times we have our candidate and he is a good one.

Anonymous said...

And Bella Abzug is looking down from above and saying ‘ such a boy, my nephew Scotty—he’s such a Bubala’’.

Anonymous said...

UFT Board is unanimous, 100% for Stringer. WTF? This is another example of UFT groupthink.
No wonder , the UFT mayoral endorsement is always the bacio della morte. (kiss of death)

What a laughingstock union!!!

Anonymous said...

Eric Adams will be the next mayor of NYC! He's the right candidate for this climate. We have had three ethnic white males in a row as mayor since 1994. Scott Stringer would be the fourth! The city is changing demographically and socially (socially for the worse) We're going back to the 1970s and 80s with the wanton lawlessness. As a black man from law enforcement, who has experience holding elected office...the public will get behind Eric Adams.

Anonymous said...

What about the comptroller endorsement? Is Mulgrew waiting for an orchestrated DA in May???

Anonymous said...

Racist sexist alert. UFT endorsing the white guy.

Anonymous said...

229 i think you just outed yourself.