Thursday, April 01, 2021


UFT Solidarity and the ICEUFTblog sent the update below to Solidarity members and to ICE-mail concerning UFT Chapter Elections that will be taking place this May or June in all schools and non-teaching chapters. 

Procedures will be somewhat different this year with telephone voting due to the pandemic for in-school elections and voting by mail for functional (nonteaching) chapters. It is crucial that members know the rules.

If you are thinking about running for a position, nominations will be earlier this year than usual as the American Arbitration Association is running the school-based elections which before were run exclusively by school election committees. The committees will still exist and take nominations so it is important to know what is going on in your school, even if you are not running but want to support a candidate for chapter leader who is not beholden to the principal and/or to Michael Mulgrew's Unity Caucus.

Remember, Unity Caucus binds their chapter leaders and delegates to:

  • Support the decisions of Caucus / Union leadership in public or Union forums.

This is nicknamed the Unity Loyalty Oath.

This blog has a different independent idea of being loyal to chapter members for chapter leaders and delegates:

  • If elected to a UFT position, I pledge to be loyal only to the will of the majority of the members of the UFT Chapter that elected me and to my conscience, not to the decisions of any caucus or whims of school administrators.

You may want to watch our Zoom session (see below) to hear from Solidarity leader Lydia Howrilka, my wife Camille, Johnny Hinsley, and me about the chapter election process and what the jobs of chapter leader and Delegate involve.

The Solidarity ICEUFTblog email:

Hello all!

We hope you all have been enjoying your break. Just wanted to send out some gentle reminders:

1. You should have been notified who is on your UFT Election Committee. The due date was March 23. If your chapter leader has not informed the chapter you must: email you District Rep and copy your borough rep. If you don't hear from them by early next week, reply to your prior email and copy Leroy Barr.

2. It is still not too late to throw your hat into the ring to run for Chapter Leader or Delegate or Para Rep! If you need ideas on campaigning, next steps, or if you need someone to convince you to do it reply all.

3. If anyone missed our training on March 20th, the video recording is here.

Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating Holi, Easter, or Passover!

All best,

Lydia, Johnny, and James


Anonymous said...

No surprise there aren't a hundred comments here. Being a CL or Delegate requires one to do more than complain. Most commenters here couldn't get elected dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

Why bother? 100% union dues paying members never helped. But i wish you luck. You can do it without my $1,500. Read the next thread about carranza leaving. They are all saying they wish they were lucky enough to get out of this job. Then read the previous thread about ERI. All desperate to retire/resign/quit. Sounds promising.

James Eterno said...

If many of the good people working in the system had chapter positions, it would change as pressure for fixing the union would come from the schools.