Monday, March 20, 2017


For the Measures of Student Learning portion of our rating, school based decisions are due April 7. This is important as the student test results on one exam and/or some other assessment, will make up a major part of our rating this year.

This is from the UFT Chapter Leader Weekly Newsletter.

  • Time to make teacher-level MOSL decisions: School-based MOSL committees have until Friday, April 7 to make their teacher-level decisions. The DOE distributed its Teacher-Level MOSL Selection Guide to principals in the Principals’ Weekly. The MOSL selection process began in February when school-based MOSL committees completed the grade/subject-level selections concerning what assessment, target population (individual/group) and method of measurement (growth models/goal-setting) will be applied for every grade and subject in the school. Now those decisions need to be applied to individual teachers, many of whom teach more than one grade and/or subject. When that happens, the school must decide what the right measures are for those teachers. The DOE’s guide will enable committees to answer that question and will also give guidance on special cases such as ESL teachers and other unique issues. The UFT has worked hard with the DOE to ensure that where teachers teach more than one grade and subject, it may be possible to include an additional assessment. Ultimately, the school-based MOSL committee will make that decision, and if the principal does not accept the committee's recommendation, the school will use the default.


Anonymous said...

Do elementary science cluster teachers have to be tied to the 4th grade state test? I believe I'm the only person in my building being rated on a state exam. If yes, is that the entire 40%, or is there till a local measure? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is 50% and there is no more second exam. Only one measure.

Anonymous said...

I am still not clear on this... If I teach a regents level course, am I being judged on my students' scores or am I being judged on the assessment selected by my MOSL committee? What if a teacher is not teaching a Regents level course?
I work in a HS. In the past few years, the school used the scores from the English department to apply to the whole staff as students performed best on this exam. Can schools still pick one exam to judge entire staff by? What about ESL & SPED teachers? Is it legal to evaluate a teacher on the test scores of a learning disabled students or ENL students?

Anonymous said...

Can teachers be tied to an exam when the actual course is only offered during zero period? The children are not coded for the course in STARS until they actually take the Regents exam in June. I say no, since we don't even send our teachers out to grade the exam.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really understand any of this?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:57-
I was on the MOSL committee. The AP in charge was clearly making it up as she was going along, and was noticeably po'd when I questioned her. They haven't a clue.

Anonymous said...

I thought the 50% one measure deal started next year.

Anonymous said...

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