Saturday, March 11, 2017


ST Caucus could not have picked a worse day than March 12 for their Long Island winter forum as we lose an hour tonight with the start of Daylight Savings Time. However, I will do my best to get out to North Babylon High School on Sunday at 10 am to attend Stronger Together's Long Island forum.

ST Caucus is the statewide opposition to the Michael Mulgrew-Randi Weingarten-Andy Pallotta led Unity Caucus that runs our city, national and state unions.

We are looking forward to hearing from the ST leaders.


Anonymous said...

Two very important 3020 a case last week held some interesting results and nothing has been written about it. Why? Chapter Leader Marilyn Martinez was removed just before the February break and was served with lighting speed her 3020 a charges. The next day her 3020 a hearing began! How is this possible? So her case skips over all the other cases in front of her? I though it took at least a 12 to 18 months in the rubber room before a case is heard because of all the other cases that a head of it. Now some case are allowed to make it to the top of the heap? Beside on what?
This is something that is important to know why, and what the reason is behind it.
Is it legal? What is the legality behind it? This teacher is being target more than they target the average teacher! Please we want to know why this case came up so fast compared to the others.
Next the case of Mr.Hertz!! Very important! An arbitrator ruled that charges must be put in writing within 90 days! First what is the name of this great arbitrator who ruled against the DOE. He will of course be fired by the DOE soon and the uft will approve of it. But to the more important question does not this ruling set a precedent? Isn't that why the DOE is taking this case to federal court to get it overturned because they know it will set a precedent? Excuse me but are these not important questions that someone should be answering or talking about? Why have we not heard anything for these two ground breaking 3020 A cases?

Anonymous said...

I mean I know you wrote something about it but how about answering the 2 questions?
How is this 3020 a being brought up at lighting speed while the others take 12 to 18 months to be heard? This just happened with in a week of being charged. I never saw anything like it! We want to know why? What is happening? Who is the arbitrator? Who is the DOE Lawyer? Who is the Uft Lawyer?
And of course the very important case ruling of the Hertz case! Does this set a precedent for all other cases of 90 days limit!!! These are very important questions and these case must be studied and reported in detail!

James Eterno said...

We will try to find out. Chaz is a good source too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks James. You are the best. Yes I already tried Chaz. Lets see what he can come up with. It's nice to have some one like you on our side. Thank God for you James.
God Bless.