Friday, March 31, 2017


The piece below from the NY Post is on the ever increasing central administration Department of Education spending under Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Farina.

Spending at central is booming while individual school budgets in NYC remain below full funding long after the Great Recession ended. The city is doing very well financially.

I know the Post has an anti-public school agenda but this is just citing numbers.

Where is the UFT on this?

All I can say is this is more evidence, as if any is needed, that the UFT will not oppose almost anything that just about any Democrat does.

The Post article.

The Department of Education nearly doubled the number of top-level administrators under Mayor de Blasio — and plans to more than triple the payroll, according to city data.

The preliminary budget for 2017-2018 is so bloated that it allocates $11,386,000 in salary for central office “pedagogical” staff — a massive hike from $4,055,000 in the last pre-de-Blasio fiscal year of 2013-2014, budget reports show.

The DOE has quietly expanded the gilded group of educrats from 39 in 2014 to 76 this year, according to city data, including Chancellor Carmen FariƱa’s top deputies and other senior staffers whose work relates to student instruction and curriculum.

Overall spending on DOE brass has fattened during each of de Blasio’s years in office, the budget data show.

De Blasio’s adopted budget for central administration compensation was $4,055,000 in 2014, $5,053,000 in 2015, $7,809,000 in 2016 and $9,501,000 this fiscal year, according to city records.

Is your school getting any real help from the central DOE?


Anonymous said...

Anyone on the ground level knows this. We all see the constant weekly rollout of new initiatives, eduspeak and acronymns. All a pile of horshshit that does nothing to support us in doing our jobs. We get the occasional email from grandma telling us how much we are appreciated and reminding us how we need to do more. And how about that stupid survey? Has anything ever come of the data they have collected? Ask anyone and they'll tell you they haven't seen it .

Where is the UFT on this? SILENCE

The UFT should have initiated a report like this in greater detail and then educated the public with it. But of course that would require real leadership and getting out of bed with the DOE. And you're never going to get either with this incompetent, corrupt loser Michael Mulgrew.

Anonymous said...

See the previous post response as to where uft is.

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Anonymous said...

This...Where is the UFT? Why cant i get a bathroom key? Why am i given 6 teaching periods for free? Why an I cursed and threatened on a daily basis with no consequences? Why are there field supervisors? Why do so many schools still have no air conditioning? Why does my school have ants and roaches? Why did we get a deal for 10% over 7 plus years? Why is the TDA still 7% when the city and state are no longer in financial peril? Where is the retro? Where is the interest on the retro? Why, when I go for a pension consult does the expert give me incorrect info? Why did we get 0 plus 0 in 2011 and 2012? Why did our medical go up last year, and i assume will go up this July? Want me to keep going? Thats where the uft is...

Anonymous said...

What are you doing about it besides complaining on a blog?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry you're getting forced placed into a teaching position come September 1st. Major cutbacks and the city won't afford the ATR expense anymore. Many programs to be cut. Glad I retired. I think the DOE hopes many ATRs will retire if placed. I got it straight from a very charming Michael Mulgrew yesterday in Boca. He's signing off on the ATR paperwork next week. You should have seen all the starry eyed eighty year olds getting crazy because he was there. I thought Regis was visiting. He was just looking for our future votes.
I think there will be layoffs in less than a year. I'm not answering any stupid questions. If you have them or don't believe me call Mulgrew. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else hear that?

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