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Sorry this is going up a little late but I do have to teach all day and I just saw it. What these parents are doing in supporting teacher-chapter leader Marilyn Martinez is so amazing. If only this type of action could spread.


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Parents Support Beloved Teacher at Termination Hearing

Claim DOE retaliation against Union Leader and disregard for young children, including students with special needs

Who: CPE1 Public School Parents
What: Support for Teacher at Termination Hearing
When: Friday March 3, 2017 at 9:30am
Where: 100 Gold Street in Manhattan, Legal Services 3rd FL Room 3400

Parents at Central Park East 1 in East Harlem are reeling after one of their most beloved teachers was removed from the classroom. Nearly 70 parents showed up at DOE Legal Services at 100 Gold Street to support Marilyn Martinez, a widely respected, tenured, early childhood teacher, on the first day of her termination hearing. Parents will return on the second day of the hearing to demonstrate their support for Martinez and their demand that she be reinstated immediately.

Martinez is CPE1’s UFT chapter chair for the school. She sits on the School Leadership Team, the Hiring Committee, and she has been a vocal defender of the school’s progressive and democratic legacy. Many parents believe Martinez is being targeted for her leadership.

Parents say that they have not been given clear answers for Martinez’ removal. They've only been told that it has nothing to do with her treatment of children, teaching, or classroom behavior. Parents are worried about the effects the abrupt removal is having on their young children and students with special needs. Guidance support provided by the DOE mistakenly told parents that they were there because a teacher had died, creating even more chaos and confusion. A rotation of substitutes have been sent into the classroom with no consistent assignment to date. In the first week of the teacher’s removal from the school, the principal is off site for the hearing for almost half the week while teachers are left alone to cope. The special-education teacher in this integrated classroom now has primary responsibility for the entire class, many of whom have IEP's and special needs.

Cindy Chau has a child with multiple disabilities, including Down syndrome and hearing loss, in Martinez' class. “Because Marilyn has believed that my daughter can do the same activities as the other students she has risen to that challenge. My daughter's developmental pediatrician and behavioral psychologist have documented that she needs consistency. The removal of Marilyn will harm my daughter’s well being and cause regression in her educational goals.”
CPE1 has experienced major turmoil since Monika Garg was appointed principal almost 2 years ago. Another respected veteran teacher was removed pending investigation during the 2015-2016 school year and 1/3 of the staff resigned at the end of the year. Teachers who left the school cited an atmosphere of intimidation. Parents have actively petitioned the DOE for Garg’s reassignment.

Norm Scott chimes in on Facebook.

Happy Birthday Norm!

Wonderful morning with over 40 cpe1 parents at Marilyn Martinez hearing. Got to hug Marilyn who is STRONG. And after they gave me chocolates for my birthday look for my belly to grow into the next size tee.


Anonymous said...

Ed notes online said...

Another 50 showed up today (Friday). Next hearing date is next Friday -- anyone who is not working should come down and join us. If Mulgrew had a brain he would be there. Marilyn is using a NYSUT attorney - UFT has no official role. One parent told us they talked to someone with the UFT who said they had no role. The parent pointed out we were there from MORE to show support- that seemed to get the UFT person nervous. I would bet that next week they may feel it necessary to send someone so they don't look so bad. Imagine if Mulgrew showed up to send Farina a message.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is nyc educator whining about the FREE FOOD at the exec board?

James Eterno said...

I think it is the quality of the food that he is arguing about. The food was much better in the past. I went this year and compared to when I was on the Board, the quality has deteriorated. People, especially those who work in the schools, work a long day and then trek into Manhattan in the evening for the Executive Board meetings. It is an unpaid gig. They deserve a decent meal for their efforts. The UFT can afford it. Or, maybe they can't and there is austerity. If that is the case, then Mulgrew and company should cut down on their perks.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the quality of food has deteriorated to show their distain for MORE electorates. Is it me or are teachers getting much less intelligent? As an ATR I go into English classes with boards filled with misspellings, math teachers getting mean, median and mode mixed up, and totally Social Studies teachers confusing Scotland and Ireland (as well as not knowing that Wales exisiting).

Anonymous said...

Yes, more stupid. Look at the makeup of the teachers.