Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Newsday says the Opt-out numbers on the first day of the State grades 3-8 ELA tests are around 50% on Long Island. This is similar to last year's numbers according to the newspaper. Opt-out is a very impressive movement on Long Island.

In Westchester and Rockland Counties, the opt-out numbers are lower than Long Island, but some are still pretty high. Those statistics can be tracked here.

If anyone has any other opt-out figures, we will be glad to post them.

As a high school teacher, I just have a hard time comprehending how long these tests are. I have a very difficult time accepting that having kids as young as eight sitting for hours for days taking tests is developmentally appropriate.

If opt-out numbers remain anywhere near the 20% we have had the last two years across the state, it will be a win as there is turnover of students and parents and the State Education Department tells us everything is fine with the tests.

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Anonymous said...

99,552 refusals on Long Island! And we're still waiting for some final numbers! Can we break 100k? I think we can!