Sunday, January 31, 2021


The latest on the dispute between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There is still no deal between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union as of Sunday evening as the district instructs all students to continue remote learning for Monday.

The district pushed to reopen in-person learning for some kindergarten through eighth-grade students Monday but has now delayed returning until Tuesday, according to a letter sent out to parents Sunday.

"Due to our concern that CTU leadership will continue to direct teachers to remain home, we cannot ensure adequate staffing tomorrow and all students will receive remote instruction. It is now our goal to welcome students in pre-k through 8th grade and cluster classrooms back to school on Tuesday, Feb 2," the letter stated.

You can view a bargaining update for yourself at the CTU website. My favorite quote from the windy city is when the mayor said CTU has hyper-democracy. No mayor has made that statement about the NYC teachers union

Speaking of New York, the snowstorm means all remote learning on Monday. That should be the status until the pandemic is under control.


Anonymous said...

There is a pattern.
A pattern of bullying and autocracy, a pattern of bullying teachers.

We see it in the drama of democratic mayor Lori Elaine Lightfoot bullying Chicago Teachers Union.

Who are you Lori Elaine Lightfoot that allows you tod conduct your affairs like little Donald
John Trump?

There is a pattern of abuse and complete disrespect by politicians for the safety of teachers.

There is a pattern of doing the bidding of their corporate and monopoly sponsors.

Glenn Greenwald said it best:
“It’s so ironic,” Greenwald continued, “they spent four years claiming they’re fighting fascism and authoritarianism, and what are they trying to do now? They trying to harness corporate and monopoly power to silence everyone who disagrees with them – the very hallmark, the epitome, of the fascism they claim to be fighting, but which, in reality, they embody.”

They want to cancel teachers. They want to silence teachers. They want to cancel their lives. They are not concerned if some of the teachers die from Covid.

There is a pattern.

First they came for the nursing home patients and they lied
about the number of dead from Covid.

And I did not speak out because I was not a nursing home patient.

Then they came for the teachers and I did not speak out because I was not a teacher.

Next they will come for me.
And there was no one left to speak out for me.

There is a pattern here of corporate sponsored fascism by elected Democratic Party politicians.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, good old Chicago. A real city with a real teachers union. Mulgrew and his Unity scumbags could learn a lot from them.

Anonymous said...

Now the Chicago mayor has threatened action against those teachers without accommodations.

Pro-strike UFTers pay attention. This is what would have happened if we went on strike. As I said then and others agreed. We have no leverage in a strike. First, we aren't unified and second voiding our contract would be disastrous.

Anonymous said...

Holocaust comparison is disgusting and sickening.

Anonymous said...

It's one party. Repubs and Dems are two sides of the same corporate capitalist coin.

David Suker said...

Teachers are pretty competent fascists as well. Listen to some Pink Floyd. Let’s get back to work.

David Suker said...

Teachers are pretty competent fascists as well. Listen to some Pink Floyd. Let’s get back to work.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:46 AM

Where did you see a holocaust comparison here?
Where was the holocaust mentioned even once in the comments on this blog?

What you are witnessing is a cancel culture in its most virulent form with the Democratic party and its alliance with corporate fascism. Fascism is among other things ideological repression, group think and the dehumanization of opposing subgroups.

The safety of our nursing home patients was completely neglected by your foremost Democratic politician in NY state. The representatives of this very same politician misrepresented the number of patients who died in the NY state nursing homes as a result of Covid.

What part of this malfeasance do you not accept as fascistic?

Anonymous said...

Fascism exists outside of the holocaust. We're allowed to make comparisons although no one here actually did. No one on this blog has ever downplayed the atrocities of the holocaust. Who's been talking about Jewish privilege lately? It ain't the right. This privileged/victim mentality pushed by the left is dangerous. What is a society to do with all these privileged Jews? We know what The answer was in Germany. Separating Americans by religion, race, etc.... is DANGEROUS and unAmerican. We are off the ski lift and on the slippery slope now thanks to the enabling, pandering democrats and the useless tools elected on the right who've allowed cancel culture to take root. Even people commenting here have called for other commenters to be cancelled. You are the fucking American fascists you accused Trump of being. Glen Greenwald, a liberal, summed it up perfectly. Thanks to the commenter who quoted him.

Anonymous said...

9:36.. I think the person making the holocaust comment was referring to the poem... "first they came for..." I would also add that these characteristics are true of both corporate parties. And, really, just true of our system as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the whole point of the poem to show that any day it can be any group the bad guys come for so it's imperative we protect those who FIRST have the target placed on their backs? The knee jerk reaction that calling out fascism and reminding people of its effects including the effect of the holocaust might in some way mean you're downplaying the holocaust is a strategy used by either the stupid or the intentionally manipulative. The manipulation being to get you to cower and silence yourself because someone is pointing the finger at you as being unsympathetic to the plight of 6 million Jews massacred. I got your number. The jig is up. Moron or manipulator. You've been unmasked. The manipulator gets it. But for the moron let me make it simple. The holocaust was bad. What happened to its victims was very very bad. Fascism in all forms is bad too.

Anonymous said...

@1:06 PM

You are either part of the pattern or part of the solution.

Which part of fascist democratic politicians do you not understand?

Seriously, you need to calm yourself and take your meds.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Mayor may be playing hardball with the CTU—but their leadership and membership seem strong and they are not backing down, so far.
In NYC -Koch despised the UFT back in the 70’s and 80’s and Giuliani bashed teachers throughout the 90’s. Bloomberg/Klein—created a Chancellor’s palace with an aristocratic culture at Tweed. They were a constant threat to the UFT and other labor unions too—with the help of the failed national educational policies of Bush, Obama, and the state initiatives of Andrew Cuomo —along with assistance of a Union President—Randi Weingarten. Although, DiBlasio may seem somewhat more sympathetic to teachers—you still basically have that same system in place and the there remains a lack of UFT leadership including poor pushback from Mulgrew.

Anon said...

Oh no! Meds!

Anonymous said...

I would welcome the real leadership in Chicago hear in New York.
Mulgrew has no balls. He doesn't protect his members. Instead he lies and whines that he could go to jail if we strike. Let's see 1 person(our leader going to jail to protect the entire dues paying population.

Grow some ball Mulgrew. You are finished here in NYC. Can't wait for you to leave. You are a squeaky mouse who gets trampled by the cats and DeBlasio and Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

I miss calling in sick on days it would snow and listen to the AP or principal here upset about having to cover the class.

Calling in sick around 615 and going back to bed for 3 hours was fun!

Also, I miss the neophyte young teacher getting mad that they had to cover more classes lol

Anonymous said...

2:50..... Nothing basically changed in 2014 when deblasio replaced Bloomberg. We were proven to be quite naive to think that things would. The DOE has essentially remained the same. The Gotcha System that existed under 12 years of Bloomberg exists to this day. The "Gang of 300", lawyers assigned to the DOE Legal, are charged to do one thing and one thing only. Build a case filed by rogue principals who have targeted veteran teachers and staff, many of whom have anywhere between 20 and 30 years in the system, making maximum salary. The principals have been trained to establish paper trails of unsatisfactory or ineffective observations, both formal and informal. These observations are written in such a way as to negatively impact the MOTP (Measure of Teacher Performance) scores for teachers. A totally subjective measure of evaluation that administrators use with impunity to ultimately banish educators from their Galaxy System for the simple reason of paring down their school's payroll. Of course the motivation behind this is the ludicrous farce of Fair Student Funding, which was established by Bloomberg and Co. and once again, exists today. Once the Gang of 300 receives the bogus and subjective ratings from principals, 3020a proceedings commence after two years of such ratings. Once again, an entity continued under deblasio. The UFT has done little to nothing to effect change of all of this. The whole Tweed mechanism as a matter of fact has largely remained intact from the Bloomberg years. Twelve years waiting for money we earned in 2009??????

One contract after another has seen this union capitulate and give back hard won rights earned since the union's inception. Seniority transfer rights, rights to grieve a letter to the file, the joke of the Open Market Hiring System, Fair Student Funding. I can go on and on. Our union has become a spineless paper tiger. I've personally seen good people, good teachers and professionals railroaded by vindictive administrators. I told my daughter who is high school, that if she pursues teaching as a career, she's paying for college herself.

Our union in too many cases merely stands by and watches. As the song says, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. And I really believe nothing will ever change with the next mayor as well. Teacher and Educator bashing has become a bipartisan concept.

Anonymous said...

1:49. Did you actually read what I wrote? I'm wondering because none of it ignores or excuses democrat fascists. Want to borrow my meds?

Anonymous said...

Republican fascists don't help either.

Educat said...

Seems like most who hang around this site hate their schools, hate their jobs,and quite possibly even hate their students . Well fortunately I don't think that's representative of all New York City teachers. If you work in a cesspool,then I can't blame you for not wanting to go back into that sewer. But I know many teachers who are embarrassed by the UFT's position on returning to school. It's absurd. It's also selfish, immature and not based in science. So with most of the nation returning to in-person learning, Chicago and New York are smarter than everyone else? I doubt it. And for the UFT to ever again claim out loud that they care about children is laughable .

James Eterno said...

This country has completely failed in its coronavirus response costing over 400,000 lives. Opening now with the UK, SA and Brazilian variants in the community would be the height of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Teachers' priority is to educate, protect, and care about their students. Our union's priority should be to protect and care about us.

Anonymous said...

7:02: Most likely an administrator. They always say stupid things.

Anonymous said...

7:02 The UFT leadership looks out for the UFT leadership first and foremost. The democrat party is their 2nd priority. The dues payers are last on their list. UFT leadership pretends they care about kids but don’t. They use the kids as an excuse to screw their dues payers when it’s convenient. But it’s not their job to represent kids. They are paid to put teachers first. They’re a Teachers’ union not a kids union. If someone would like to pay dues for kids, they can start their own union. In the meantime I expect the union to fight for the people who pay their salary and no one else. As far as some members feeling embarrassed....well I guarantee you the UFT doesn’t give a shit about their feelings anymore than it cares about James’ feelings about keeping schools closed. They’ll do what’s best for themselves as usual.

Anonymous said...

So don't be a dues payer. Problem solved.

Anon2323 said...

James you are beyond hoodwinked from same media that said 2 million people estimated to die.

So many videos of hospitals empty and faking scenes to make it seem like they are doing testing.

Biden doesnt even have a response!!! TRump got the vaccine. Biden would have had 3 million dead!

Less people who died this year than last, now if you get vaccine they recommend maks still, give me a break. Need your brothers cop brain, you sir are in liberal land.

James Eterno said...

What is your source? Mine is USA Facts here. "Using the recent estimate of the 2020 population from the Census Bureau, the death rate so far in 2020 would be 9.7 deaths per 1,000, the highest death rate since 1949."

New Zealand has 25 COVID-19 deaths. US has had 450,000. Those are facts. New Zealand shut its borders and had hard lockdowns. It worked. They are living normally now. Vaccine prevents serious illness. We don't have the data yet if the vaccine stops someone from spreading COVID-19.

Anonymous said...



The vaccine protects you, not others who still aren't exposed or vaccinated.

Do your research! You are a teacher, I know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

With Freedom comes risk. Fuck New Zealand. I live in America. I want my freedom....yes even if it means people will die.

James Eterno said...

New Zealand has freedom and no restrictions internally.

James Eterno said...

They had a free and fair election in October in New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern won easily. Get COVID-19 under control, you win.

Anonymous said...

Forcing people to stay inside their homes is not freedom. New Zealand is not a free country despite any so called free elections.

James Eterno said...

If you don't think New Zealand is a free country, you need to study some political science.

Anonymous said...

I don’t need to study political science, James. Just because NZ has more freedom than North Korea doesn’t mean they are truly free. You and I have a different definition of free. Free means my government can’t force me to stay inside my home, prohibit me from celebrating Christmas with my family etc... Forced curfews and the cancellation of Christmas failed in America because its freedom loving citizens refused to obey. That’s the difference between Americans and the obedient drones elsewhere. My cousin had 20 people in her home with a sign on her door “we will not comply” on Christmas Day. Whether you like it or not there’s tens of millions of Americans who feel the same way. When someone like Cuomo or Biden or Harris decides to act like Big Brother, people like my family spit in their face and refuse to obey. We’re not going to change. We’re not going away. Whoever wants us gone better be prepared for an actual fight. I guarantee you if antifa rioters ever showed up in my cousin’s upstate neighborhood, no one would bother to call the cops but the rioters would be beaten to a pulp. I don’t mean to be insulting but have you actually ever met people like that? We’re not unicorns. Plenty of people willing to get dirty to fight for their freedom. Maybe just not so many in NYC where you live????

James Eterno said...

10:57 said: "I don’t need to study political science, James. Just because NZ has more freedom than North Korea doesn’t mean they are truly free."

Freedom is not absolute. Never was in this country. Government has the responsibility to protect the public health. New Zealand's did their job well. Ours did not (both parties mostly). New Zealand has more freedom than we do today because of their government's actions.

As for people who defy safety measures in a pandemic, you put all of our health at risk. I include in that category right wing and left wing people who gather in close places in a pandemic. Viruses don't care about your politics.