Thursday, April 07, 2016


We received these posts on Facebook from Stronger Together's Beth Dimino, who is also President of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association.

As for numbers, once again Long Island is leading the way in opt-outs with these numbers provided by Beth.

Why is it that so close to Long Island in New York City the opt-out movement just has not exploded? I believe what is keeping testing so strong in New York City is the endorsement of student assessment being part of teacher evaluation by UFT President Michael Mulgrew and his Unity Caucus that controls the union.

Since the UFT doesn't fight the testing, it makes the courage of three teachers who criticized the tests with the media that much more impressive.

A huge ICEUFT blog salute goes out to MORE's Jia Lee, Lauren Cohen and Kristin Taylor for speaking out against the tests on NBC 4.  Great job!

Honestly, could you see Michael Mulgrew or any of the Unity faithful risking anything to stand up for the kids?


Anonymous said...

I heard some principals are telling the teachers, parents and students that the State tests determine to which high school the students may apply. Also, they are saying that the State tests determine if students will be allowed to take advanced courses in high school. If the students opt-out, they will not be able to take the advanced courses, AP courses, College level courses, or apply for any of the Specialized high schools or and of the gifted and talented high schools.

Anonymous said...

That's a problem for sure.