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Building Bridges is a radio program on WBAI (99.5 FM) that focuses on labor issues. This week's show will feature the upcoming May UFT election. It is scheduled to air on Monday at 7:00 p.m.

If you want to hear my better half, tune in as Camille Eterno who is running for UFT secretary will be on the radio along with MORE-NEW ACTION presidential candidate Jia Lee and New Action co-chair and MORE-NEW ACTION high school executive board candidate Jonathan Halabi.

Here is the promotional announcement for the show including information on how to stream it.

Building Bridges over WBAI Radio, 99.5FM
with Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Mon., April 25, 7 – 8 pm EST
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Why MORE/New Action Candidates Contest Unity Caucus Seats
for  UFT Leadership In Union Elections
Jia Lee, candidate for President
Jia is currently a 4th/5th grade special education teacher and is chapter
leader at the Earth School in District 1 and a public school parent. As
chapter leader, she supported staff consultation committees on issues from
micromanagement and professional conciliation and fostered mediation to
support a democratic culture. She testified before the U.S. HELP (Health,
Education, Labor and Pensions) Senate Committee, on the reauthorization of
ESEA. She is an opt out organizer with Change the Stakes and NYC Opt Out,
a member of the Stronger Together Caucus and a national network of social
justice caucuses.
Camille Eterno, candidate for Secretary
Camille has been an English teacher since 1996. She was elected to chapter
leader at the Queens Gateway to Health Sciences and won grievances that were
said to be unwinnable and organized her chapter into a force at many union rallies.
As a leader in the Independent Community of Educators, she was instrumental in
the battle against the giveback laden 2005 contract. She is now a delegate from
Humanities and the Arts High School in Queens.
Jonathan Halabi, High School Division Candidate for Executive Board
Jonathan is a UFT Chapter leader and a math teacher at the H.S. of American
Studies at Lehman College.  He’s been on the UFT Ex. Board 2009 to the
present. Jonathan has said “Teaching is an honorable career. We help kids
learn and grow. Their success is our reward. But not if we are mistreated. Not
if our voices are ignored. Not if decisions that affect our schools are made out
of incompetence and malice. We are running to ensure all our voices are heard
in our union”.

Building Bridges brings to the airwaves the voices of MORE/New Action
Caucus candidates for the UFT’s seats in the union’s upcoming election. 
MORE/New Action says “if you’re tired of the attacks against teachers and
public education; if you’re tired that our students’ education has been hijacked
by a “test” prep curriculum focusing our time on “data” instead of teaching then
we need something different. A union that fights for the rights of students,
teachers and communities. A union that fights for racial and economic justice
inside and outside our schools. “We help kids learn and grow. Their success is
our reward. But not if we are mistreated”.
Kathleen Foster, independent producer and director of cutting-edge films
about social justice.  Foster is the recipient of a number of awards. In 2006
Women in Islam presented her with a Compass Award for her film Point of
Attack. This award honors women whose work exemplifies the legacy of
Dr. Betty Shabazz.  Foster’s 2007 documentary Afghan Women: A History
of Struggle was sighted as a film that “challenges the dominant ideologies
found in contemporary mainstream American war films.” At the Workers
Unite Film Festival of 2013, 10 Years On: Afghanistan and Pakistan was
named Best Short Documentary.

Profiled knits the stories of mothers of Black and Latino youth murdered by the
NYPD into a powerful indictment of racial profiling and police brutality, and
places them within a historical context of the roots of racism in the U.S.  Ranging
from the routine harassment of minority students in an affluent Brooklyn
neighborhood to the killings and protests in Staten Island and Ferguson, Missouri,
Profiled bears witness to the racist violence that remains an everyday reality for
black and Latin people in this country and gives us a window on one of the burning
issues of our time.
Tune in at 6 - 8 am to Wednesday Edition hosted by Mimi Rosenberg
In addition to being broadcast over WBAI,  99.5 FM in NYC and the
tri-state area 7 - 8 pm EST Mondays, Building Bridges is syndicated
to 50  broadcast and internet  radio stations in the US, Canada and
the UK

Building Bridges National Edition is regularly broadcast over:

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                          KNSJ, San Diego, CA
                          KRFY, Sandpoint, ID
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                          WXOJ-LP, Florence, MA
                          KPOV, Bend, Oregon
                          KONR Ankorage, Alaska
                          WAPJ, Torrington, CT.
                          WOOL, Great Falls, Vermont and New Hampshire
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                          WAZU, Peoria, Illinois
                          KMEC, Ukiah, CA
                          KOWA, Olympia Washington .
                          WWUH, West Hartford, CT
                          WMNF HD FM Tampa, Florida
                          WPVM - MAIN-FM  Asheville, NC
                          WERU Blue Hill and Bangor, Maine
                          WGOT -  Gainesville, Florida.
                          WUOW - Oneonta, N.Y.
                          WVJW- Benwood, WV
                          KRFP, Moscow, ID
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                          KSOW,Cottage Grove, Oregon
                          WKNH ,Keene, NH
                          CKDU, Halifax, N.S., Canada
                          WRPI, Troy, New York
                          WNRB, Wausau, WI
                          KQRP Salida, California
                          East Hill Radio, Snoqualmie, WA
                          KSKQ, Ashland, Oregon
                          KWMD, Kasiloff-Anchorage, Alaska
                          WPRR, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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                          as well as internet stations:

                         Geneva Radio, Geneva, N.Y.
                         WTF Radio, Bodega Bay CA
                         CPR Metro, NYC
                         Radio Free Radical
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               ,  U.K.
                         Seattle Radical Radio
                         Radio for Peace International
                         Grateful Dread Public Radio
                         Detour Network, Knoxville, TN
                         KDX Radio, Homeland, North American
                         Radio Ear Network, Sarasota, FL
                         Channel One Radio
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