Friday, April 08, 2016


The Chicago Teachers Union is seen by many as a bastion of labor militancy in a time of concessionary unionism (see UFT for an example).

Nobody opposed CTU President Karen Lewis and her CORE team in their bid for a third term in office this spring. Since no candidates stepped up to get the required number of signatures to obtain a position on the ballot to run against Karen, the CTU had their House of Delegates save $300,000 by not running an election with only one set of candidates. The Delegates certified that Karen-CORE won.

CORE was first elected in 2010 and reelected in 2013. One of their four officers, Kristine Mayle, did not seek a third term so there will be a new person among the four officers. The new Financial Secretary will be Maria Moreno.

How did the mainstream media handle this news? Read this very deceptive headline from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Karen Lewis gets automatic third term after CTU cancels elections

They could have said:

CTU United behind Karen Lewis


Karen Lewis wins third term unopposed

or used our headline for that matter.

The corporate media is so scared by the labor militancy that Karen Lewis represents so instead of just telling it like it is, they came up with a deceptive headline that implies that the CTU did something suspicious by canceling elections when in reality only one slate met the threshold to run by securing sufficient nominating petitions. This was done open and above board.

This is just one example of why it is so difficult to trust the corporate press.

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