Wednesday, April 27, 2016


ICE-UFT BLOG has done an official public service by helping to convince Reality Based Educator to post again. RBE sorts out the latest Cuomo-de Blasio mess over illegal campaign contributions and much more over at Perdido Street School, where the RBE name is renowned. Enjoy!

The conclusion:

So maybe Cuomo knows he's got no worries here, that his protectors in Washington will ensure he can act with impunity - take bribes from Kiryas Joel connections and give them a veto in return, for example, or conspire to use the BOE to destroy his enemy de Blasio - and nothing will befall him.

He may be right about that.

Given how Shelly Silver, Dean Skelos and now Bill de Blasio all got mired in corruption investigations (with Silver and Skelos getting convicted) while Cuomo rides high and clear from the mire, well, that is something isn't it?

Game of Thrones indeed.

You win or you die.

RBE posting on city and state politics part time is more powerful than most of the rest of us posting every two minutes on the subject. Glad to have RBE back at Perdido if even only for one piece. Hope we hear more as this story develops and of course RBE is welcome here.


Anonymous said...

Jason Goldman was served a subpoena last week according to NY Post, it states that the UFT was served last week and that Goldman is the one receiving the subpoena. Poor timing for Unity election??

Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure on.