Saturday, April 09, 2016


The AFT is doing everything it can for Hillary Clinton. As we said last summer when the AFT predictably endorsed Hillary, Randi Weingarten supporting Hillary Clinton is about as surprising as a slurpee machine in a 7-eleven store.

Last evening Clinton addressed the Delegates at the NYSUT Representative Assembly. I didn't hear about anything that Hillary said on Facebook but there was controversy.

Here is Beth Dimino's description: "They will not allow us to bring in Bernie Placards but there are Hillary Placards on every chair. Once again rules are for everyone except UFT/Unity/AFT. This is NOT what democracy looks like!"

Best comment comes from Anthony F Felicio Jr on Facebook:

Hillary, Randi and Karen...what a trio! God help us.

UPDATE: Hillary hears boos after mentioning Cuomo at NYSUT convention. Hard to tell who they are booing.

Update 2: For those who want to watch the whole speech, here it is so you can judge for yourself on the context of the booing.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, there are links to many NYSUT RA speeches on NYSUT's website but none of Clinton. Dudley posted this link (on Twitter) of a news story on Hillary being booed when she mentioned Cuomo:

Mary Ahern

James Eterno said...

Thanks Mary. I updated the post with the video.

Anonymous said...

I was there and the description of the Cuomo reference is not accurate. In my estimation, the Cuomo booing led to her going off script and she handled it with humor and warmth and it was the turning point of her speech. After that, her tone became more conversational, and she expanded on her experiences with her own teachers along with a personal friend who is a retiring teacher. So, there was no heckling, and I thought she did a fine job. I am voting for her enthusiastically.

James Eterno said...

Posted the whole speech so people can judge for themselves 11:22 am.