Wednesday, April 13, 2016


More from Reality Based Educator.

And just like that, we get more Bharara/de Blasio news:

This will weaken de Blasio, both politically and financially:

Bharara took a shot at Cuomo in his talk to Common Cause last night too over Moreland and his failure to get ethics reform done in the budget:

Takeaway from all this?

De Blasio's in trouble.  Maybe not criminal yet (though that depends greatly on whether he's telling the truth over the Rivington deal), but certainly political.  He needs to be raising funds to stave off a primary challenger - but his fund raising will dry up for a bit while this thing goes on.  Does that ensure he gets a primary challenger or a strong general election candidate?

As for Cuomo, Andy does seem to lead a charmed life.  Despite all his shenanigans in Moreland, the Buffalo Billion Project and his ethics reform sham, he's still skating free and (seemingly) clear - at least so far.  Bharara talks a good game on Cuomo but that's all it's been so far - talk.

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