Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I purposely did not watch election results last evening because I knew with the closed primary that Bernie had little chance of victory here in New York. Teachers at school were asking me if they could vote and I had to tell them no they could not if they weren't already a registered Democrat or Republican. There are many independents out there which I understand.

When I woke up this morning and checked the results, I was not at all surprised to see Hillary easily winning the state. However, examining the neighborhood results at the NY Times website, there was something very interesting. I looked for my street in my neighborhood and behold:

Sanders 89
Clinton 88

Camille and I made a difference!

Take a look at the map for yourself to see how your neighborhood voted. Sanders did very well around Middle College High School where he campaigned. Remember the three basic rules of politics:

1- Do they know you?
2-Do they like you?
3-Do they trust you?

That counts for union elections too so I'm running around trying to get the MORE-NEW ACTION brand known.

As for the general U.S. election in the fall, Hillary v. Trump seems like a very depressing prospect for most Americans.

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